Amazing 3D Suppressor!!

Hey, what's up everybody. Welcome back to the wound Channel. So I'm, very excited today to talk about the max-flow 3d, AF, D suppressor. So this is a


The Art Of Misdirection | Apollo Robbins

Do you think it's possible to control someone's attention, even more than that? What about predicting human behavior? I think those are interesting i


#Surreyais Man2087 Group L - Asos

I can't with information systems group l, we're going to be talking about ASOS in this presentation. The members of this group are upon o, Must afar,


Prusa Mk3S - Starting Your Print

Before you begin printing make sure the magnetic print bed is placed on the heat bed do not print directly on the heat bed. Next insert, the SD card


What Happened To Vine? Twitter Killed It

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