Yoga For Costochondritis Chest / Rib Pain

Hello, beautiful warriors. Welcome to another yoga. Practice today's video is another request from you guys, and we're going to be doing yoga poses that target the upper body in order to relieve pain caused by costochondritis is pain in the chest caused by inflammation. Typically, at the junction where the sternum connects to the rib cage. And this can commonly be seen in people with fibromyalgia, but it can also be seen in people with other illnesses. People who have experienced physical.

Trauma and otherwise healthy individuals as well chest pain can be caused by many things. So it's really important to figure out what's going on. If you think you may be experiencing costochondritis, please talk to your doctor about it. The root cause of the costochondritis is going to determine whether you should engage in physical activity. The poses in this video are super gentle.

But if any of them do exacerbate your pain, please modify or omit the pose these poses should help to. Reduce costochondritis pain and flare-ups, but you may need to incorporate other therapies into your treatment plan as well, such as using ice packs or using anti-inflammatory herbs, like numeric, again, please talk to your doctor about what is right for you and always listen to your body, bring yourself into a comfortable cross-legged position. If you'd like you can place a folded up blanket or a cushion underneath your sit bones, and this will allow the hips to open, and this will relieve any.

Tension in the knees or lower back sit up tall with the shoulders away from your ears and close your eyes before we begin our Asana practice will just take a moment here in Susana, allow the breath to be natural and easy, send your awareness to your heart center, your rib cage becoming aware of any pain or constriction, observing any physical or emotional sensations that may be present here without judgment, offer your compassion to any sensation of pain offer your presence, giving yourself. Permission to feel whatever it is that you are feeling At this moment with each inhale, we create more space. And with each exhale, we invite the heart space to soften on your next inhale tilt the pelvis forward and gently arch. The spine look up exhale rounding through the back body chin to chest moving through a gentle cat's breath. This movement doesn't have to be big. It doesn't have to be forced or strained just finding a natural flow of movement that feels good for. You're opening the chest on the.

Inhale navel draws in toward the spine on the exhalation on your next inhale we're going to take the spine in a circle. So on your inhale you're going to come forward toward your left knee and then circle in a clockwise motion inhale coming forward, exhale back inhale, changing directions moving in a counterclockwise motion, keeping the shoulders and neck relaxed. And finally, come back to Center shrug, the shoulders back and just pause for a moment, feeling the shift of energy if you're using a blanket or. Cushion, go ahead and set that off to the side, we'll shift, our weight onto our left hip and swing the legs over to the right coming into a seated twist. The right ankle is resting on the left arch you're going to take hold of the left knee with the right hand.

And stretch the left hand back behind. You opening up the left side of the rib cage feel the body expanding on the inhale and relaxing on the exhalation on an exhalation, release your twist then we'll take that on the opposite side. So.

Swinging the feet over to the opposite side. The left ankle is resting on the arch of the right foot set up tall, taking left hand to right knee, right? Hand reaches back behind.

You're breathing deeply into the right side, ribs on an exhalation release the twist then we're going to lie down on our backs, using our bolster for a supported fish, pose mots Asana, so you're going to place the bolster horizontal on your mat, and then keeping the feet flat on the floor in the knees bent slowly, lower yourself down. Onto the bolster so that the bolster is right underneath your shoulder, blades, you're going to lean back and let the top of the head rest on your mat and take the arms wide and cactus arms. And this is really going to open up the pectoral muscles it's going to stretch out the sternum.

This will help to relieve that inflammation by keeping all of that connective tissue flexible and healthy once you're settled in allow all of your muscles to completely relax, allow the entire body to become still the. Only movement is the natural flow of breath in and out of the body feeling the ribs expand on the inhale whole body, relaxing on the exhalation to come out of the pose bring your arms back toward the midline roll yourself over to the side and press yourself up to sit nice and slow, and we're going to lie back down again for Havana I like to use a bolster under my knees and a folded blanket or a cushion under the head you're going to snuggle the shoulder blades down lengthen, the tailbone away from the. Crown of the head, go ahead and wiggle around a little, get comfortable, and then give yourself permission to completely relax. And let go bringing your awareness to any places in your body that may still be holding tension becoming an observer, bearing witness to your pain without judgment, remaining present with any sensations that may be in your body at this moment, just allow yourself to be open to whatever message. These sensations are trying to communicate with you acknowledging pain as a. Messenger as you continue to breathe, deeply invite the breath to soften any places of tension when you are ready begin to wiggle the fingers and toes bend the knees, slowly roll yourself over to the side and come up to sit. Thank you for practicing with me today.

If you have enjoyed this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up so that it can reach more people. And if you have any cost Oakland righteous related questions or tips that you would like to share with our community, please leave them in the. Comments below I love that we can all be here to support one another on our wellness journey. Thank you so much for being here. Namaste.

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