Word 2010 Header And Footer Tabs With Different Page Orientations

Hi Michelle sites here, you're watching the lesson on header and footer tabs with different page, orientations if you're not experienced with word formatting, try to keep your headers simple by that I mean, keep all your text on the left margin that way all of your headers in the different oriented sections will not have to be corrected if the orientation changes from portrait to landscape. Whereas if you have headers with text lined up on the left in the center and on the right, you will have to. Adjust it for every section let's say, your first page is in portrait orientation, and you have a landscape orientation on the second page. And the tabs in the header are set up for the portrait page, only let's say, you have a tab in the middle of the page and a tab in the right margin when you move to the landscape page. The header text is not lined up in the middle for a landscape page, or in the right margin for a landscape page, because the tabs are set for a portrait page. Okay.

So you're a little. Technically challenged, but you want to continue to have the header text in the left center and right margin watch this video to find out how to do this while in the portrait page, either double click in the header, if you have one or go to the insert tab click on it, and in the header and footer group click, the down arrow on header. And at the bottom of the group, select edit header enter the text you want in your header. I will also enter my text. Now, if you have another section in your document and. It's in landscape and your sections are linked to the previous section, you will need to adjust your tabs in the next section as well as deselecting the link to previous item, you will need to do this in the header.

And in the footer, if your tabs in the footer are similar to the header tabs and that they are set with tabs for a portrait page, also, you will need to do this for any subsequent sections where the orientation changes from landscape to portrait and back again, with the header and footer. Tools tab available in the navigation group, go to next and click on it. You display the next section we are in a landscape page. And as you can see, our tabs are not in the correct center and right position for a landscape page.

Also, the same as previous tab is displayed here's a tip if the header text and tabs will remain the same for subsequent portrait page sections before you change the tabs in the landscape page could each portrait section. And if there is a landscape page before the portrait. Page clicks the link to previous item and both the header and footer so that the header text and tabs will remain the same and are not linked to the landscape pages. You will see why shortly now go back to the first landscape page section go to the navigation group and click link to previous.

Now, as you can see the same as previous tab is no longer displayed. And therefore it is not linked to the previous portrait page do the same thing in the footer, if necessary I'm going to go to the footer click. The link to previous then I will click Next to go to the next section right now, I'm still in the footer, so I'm going to click link to previous then I'm going to go to the header in the same section, and I'm going to click link to previous now I want to go back to my first landscape page, so I'm going to click previous now, while in the landscape page, you want to adjust your tabs for a landscape page. So you can take the center tab, and you can drag it to the appropriate location on the ruler. Do the.

Same thing for the right tab, click it and drag it to the correct position on the ruler do the same thing in the footer. If you have text that you need to adjust do this in the subsequent sections as needed now I want to show you, why I gave you that tip for the portrait pages, close your header and footer by clicking on the red X in the design group. Now, as we scroll up, we can see that our tabs are set for the correct positions in the header of the portrait page on page 1. They are correct for the. Landscape page on page 2. And since the portrait page on page, 3 was no longer linked to the landscape page, the tabs remained the same as the portrait page on page 1 and were not changed when the tabs on the landscape page were moved.

And that is the end of this lesson header and footer tabs with different page. Orientations you.

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