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How many people have you kissed a hundred, oh, lovely, hi, hi, what's, your name and howdy Maya, and I'm 18. Why are you here today to get my first kiss? How come you've never kissed anyone before I'm very introverted? So it's really hard for me to reach out and connect with people?

I have social anxiety. And the few experiences I've had romantically had not ended. Well, both of them were guys. Both of them were guys in high school, and both them rejected me and one called me creepy. So it's made me very.

Reluctant to try anything for me, what people would deem my first kiss, wasn't, consensual, his lips were on my lips. I kind of opened my mouth a little. And then his tongue just kind of went inside. I felt so disgusting I'm here to wipe the slight clean of that memory and fulfill something else.

I don't know, what do you? Imagine your first kiss to be like enjoyable? I hope.

So I know besides that I don't, I don't really know what to expect everybody describes. I was getting sparks. So maybe I'll have. Sparks, possibly not are you nervous very extremely.

I don't know if you can tell from my body language, but extremely nervous I'm going to have you close your eyes, and I'm going to bring the person in hands over the face? No peeking I'm. Not oh okay. Open.

Hi, hi. I'm. Natalie I'm, daisy nice to meet you, oh that's, such a cute name.

Thank you. Should we shake hands or hug? Shake hands. Am I at all what you expected? You're, pretty and yeah, no. You have great energy, you're, super cute. So you know, sure you're what.

I expected do you think a mecca is attractive? Yeah, you are attractive you little nose, ring, oh, my god you're going to make me blush do you have any advice for me before we kiss, um, try to like to loosen up, you know, let the nerves out kind of let it all happen. Naturally, how many people have you kissed? A hundred? Oh, I have a little of experience. Okay?

Are you two? Ready? Oh, my god, one, two, three, go that's. Crazy, she's, also a good. Do you feel like a different person now that you've kissed someone? Yeah, I feel.

Grown Natalie, how was that it was good? It was different from I thought it would be. How was that that was I was her lips are very plump like we're doing this we're doing this.

And then I was like we're doing this we're doing this. And then I was like we're doing this. My biggest fear today was that I would have a panic attack because I'd have flashbacks.

I felt like I got a band-aid off. You want to do it again. Yes. We can do it again. Another good, one, you keep getting better, dude, you're, great and. Everyone was great.

I had a good time. I feel like I could go out there and probably kiss. Somebody I'll have to go on tinder and try to find some decent people.

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