Weirdest Jenga Ever!

, my looking at what the . Am I looking at okay? Yo what's up.

Hi everyone. Welcome to block all what the do I. Do welcome to block all . This game I've never played this. Oh god, yeah.

But I haven't, played in a while John troll man are you John like fun? How do we throw bottles? You only have seven seconds, you know, drunk from the bowl, wait, no it's.

My go, wait there, isn't that ambient sound that's. What that was there's. Nothing smashes much download. The golfer track put it .

No no leave that leave it that's, a that's like the worst one you. Alright, we do some dog starts here. I can't, get that blog all right? How do you put your middle finger on nine seconds, music, where's, the music on the knife. Oh, I want to pull this for the boys all right? I mean, this is going to go it's over it's. Not over.

This is crazy. I don't know what to do that's a team play. Anyway, I asked my hand, leave behind alone. , yeah, get in their like I was it's like our first. Time in the movie we're watching intense game through it, I went, you know, I went to just grab one try saying you got you can't make a hole. No you can't.

Oh, my god. This is for yourself, , we're playing legit, legit, buzzer-beater, I, locked on what you got I felt like John's too good for me to ever win me. Yeah. You go after me is used to this game? Yeah, you got Lachlan after you, you're.

Good, yes, see if you can fly the , oh it's. All over the top blocks ladies moving to me kid. Miss wait is. That some really wired, why is it wired? Oh, gosh, oh, that's. Scary, now be safe.

It should be the rules. My money, I really want to just fly through it. The middle phase really serious block been taken seriously.

The whole time you guys have way, including those first rounds are you walk out to the controls where you took a block out? And then so what do we thank boys? Could this game enter what the is Josh. What do you want quick? Why are you that was some like insanity? That's?

Bad. Good is a serious. Game this is a this goes on to the eSports circuit. This is it.

Okay? Okay. This is the game. Esports you're going to lead I represent Australia. Whoever wins this goes into blocked in. I blaze didn't work.

I, tried want to be on loud. Nine, oh, my god, Go, Go. Luminosity gaming. Going tell me why eSports teams key the . You might, I want that blast. A big Paul, dude, there's, a whoa, that's, a very aggressive block. What if I could take it gun to it gap?

Wait couldn't, you like somehow drink the. Beer or some and get there we go, oh, no, no it's, working holy crap. I'm. Not even kidding. This is serious round, drunk Josh, hold it back all the way back ten, nine, let go of it. Josh. No, no, wait.

No, no, no . Quick. Fire creeps around.

Go. Yeah. You got to do it within 10 seconds, no I'm. Good, I'm. No good at - I've. Never won one I told you John's, good let's do drink.

If you drink the coffee, it makes you server. I think, yeah, that's true. Yeah, Josh Mandell, I, don't like Josh. When he strives both the.

Coffee there you go, oh, you . You , let's have a final round again, seriously, let's get serious I will pry not sober, I, don't know, all right? Did it this? One? The loser? Bracket, finals, free sports I could still be in prayer America?

Did it? Did it? Did it's check-in? Oh, my god, leave it up good for the boys for the boys?

Do the boys? Does it like I'm going to lose again, right now I'm, drunk just take it seriously, Simon all right your stupid stuff. Yeah, why can't I choose up? Okay, Carly we're, leaving. That for the boys, oh no I got a blog Oh, Wow, Oh, clean, oh, no, very clean.

And the buffalo, oh it's going to be unlockable parlor trick shot all right, ready? Well, interesting it's going for the 360 you're going to knock down, oh, boy in the house, and now it's. Representing you go come for all damn cooks out there decided your cup. Okay?

The flow one, you know, the slow one I'm still, drunk I. Did it no it's for the boys that's for the boys? You , boys, no way. Yeah, that's. How Angus meant to work Adam on top and. Then like have like three turns and one, yeah, that's Josh's kind of stuff. I'm gonna look at Josh's hours played it's going to say like 4000, if you slap that's, what we call it in America, yeah, have you started that one's for the boys believe that there's a real edge.

Lord game. Here we go don't. Do it? Yeah, . , , I've waited for the running start flower powers combined. The fuck-boy challenge words, I, don't know, okay, that's.

What you're done doesn't you finally got your go. And you did that he's kicking us out of his house, guys, no, no before looking go, . It.

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