This Extremely Rare & Valuable 1936 Wheat Penny Is Worth Huge Money! Rare Pennies To Look For!

Hey, YouTubers JB coins here with another video. This one is a viewer suggested or a subscriber suggested. Video, Foggy, Contreras wanted to know about the 1936 double die, Lincoln Cent. And you can see in front of you. We found one form we're going to cover that in this video.

If you are new to the channel, please subscribe and hit the notification button. So you'll be notified. Whenever we post a new video live stream or have a giveaway. Now, this coin is very rare and difficult to find in any condition.

PCs. Has only graded, for example, 150 examples in all grades combined over the last 20 years Kan aka has over 30 varieties listed for this year of Penny. There are three types that can get graded as well. This coin that you're looking at is a double die. Obverse type one. It is of all of them the most valuable it also is quite often overlooked because the 1917 cent double die gets more attention.

The 36 type one that you see, however, is seriously more dramatic than the 1917 double die. But for example, we're. Going to show you liberty date and god, we trust' we're going to blow this up for you and show you the detail look at the doubling on Liberty see if I can get it closer for you that's. Why I like using this screen there you go, you can clearly see the doubling how strong it is on all these letters.

Okay, I'll drag it down, and we'll. Take a look at that. God. We trust' there you go. You can see it in all these letters right now. This is an MS. 66 red double die.

Obverse type, one PCGS, we're going to come down. Here, the date there you can see again, make that a little bigger. You can see how clear the doubling is on all the numbers. Okay?

So there we go back to normal size this coin in this condition. Ms, sixty-six red type, one sold in January 2018, four. Eighty-four hundred dollars at the Heritage option, that's just it's, just an amazing amount of money for this coin, considering it gets overlooked so much the type two by the way PCGS has a population of three in. Ms, sixty-six plus read.

None finer. There. Are 30 varieties as well and the three types we've given you the price of type, one and type two at auction recently again, another coin to keep your eye out for it's often overlooked, so there's a possibility.

You could find this thing where people have already looked at it didn't think it was anything special other than that was nice, pretty thirty-six red pence with a bunch of scratches on it. But if you guys know this, and you know what to look for, you may be able to put a magnifier on it or. Possibly see the doubling without it and make yourself a pleasant deal, knowing that this one sold for eighty-four hundred dollars. So hope this helped you hope you found it interesting and something that maybe you didn't know about as always please, remember to check below the video for the link to our website and store JB coins EN COM, where we have the coin lists and links to helpful products that we use that you can buy from those links. And also, please leave comments below the video. We really.

Appreciate them, and they're, really a great help to us as well as always please remember to subscribe like hit the notification button. So you get notified when we put up a new video or have a live stream and share these videos with your friends as well. You never know they might be interested in finding an eighty-four hundred dollar penny until next time, J&B signing off.

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