The Most Amazing Peanut Butter Pie

Hey, everyone you're watching preppy kitchen where I John can I'll teach you how to make delicious home-cooked dishes to share with your friends and family today, we're making an amazing peanut butter, pie, flaky butter, crust, creamy, peanut butter, filling mounds of whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate. And then chocolate covered roasted peanuts. This is the best thing ever. So let's get started for this pie I'm using my super delicious. Crispy pie, crust recipe.

You can click up here for the full how-to. Video, but basically it's 300 grams of flour quarter cup of sugar 1 cup of batter hair, cubed, whiz, it all up, and then you're going to drizzle in like about a quarter cup of ice water with two tablespoons of vodka, superfast. And let me just show you this thing is it just smells heavenly, and it's. So crispy, I love it with the creamy fillings.

However, if that's a little of work for you, you could totally do an Oreo cookie crust click up here for that recipe it's in my mud pie on the blog. This is ready. To fill it's all chilled up I made it a few hours ago.

And now let's make this filling it is so fast. It's going to come together in a snap. The filling is just a few ingredients. And it starts with of course, 1 generous cup of creamy, peanut butter, right in the bowl. It does get a bit messy. So that's, not so bad.

Thanks rubber, spatula, 8 ounces of room-temperature cream. Cheese. If you only have cold cream, cheese, take this foil, wrapper off and pop it into the microwave for like 30 seconds on medium, just like. You're heating up butter, we're going to cream these two ingredients up and this by the way is delicious as is Iowa eat this by the spoonful and have done. So okay, pretty quick scrape that bowl down one more. But okay. Now we can add in one cup of powdered sugar, not lovely any of the cups in this recipe just telling you is a mores more situation, unload it increase the speed I would scrape down once more now I'm, adding in a nice splash of vanilla about a teaspoon mix it up this right here is delicious.

And I've been told that like, if you love a really, really rich, peanut butter pie, then this is for you I, however, like my pies to be silkier, and it's a little lighter. So we're going to whip up some whipped cream right now. I actually had my whisk in the freezer for this. So that my whipped cream would whip up extra fast if you're using a metal bowl, you can pop that into the freezer for a few minutes, too, and it'll whip up in a moment. This glass bowl is a hassle does, so I only use this for you. So you.

Can see the inside all right one cup of heavy whipping cream that we will get by equip to a little extra every last drop. Okay, we're just going to whip this up now, no need to add any sugar, whatever increase the speed give it a minute, keep an eye on it. Let's. Take a look I want to have soft peaks for this see nice, soft peak like to hit the sides a bit just because they get less of the whipping see, very nice.

Okay, we're going to fold this in. And by fold I mean, just straight up flip it in it's, not gonna. Be delicate back to you, I want to keep this bowl clean, because this whole pie is, and I get a mound of whipped cream, topping and I want it to be pristine. And why it's no streaks of peanut butter that are unintentional get all that with cream out there. Now lets us whip it in on low then, medium, definitely scrape that bowl down up one last time.

And if you love peanut butter pie, but it's a bit too rich for you sometimes go ahead and use like two cups of whipped cream or a cup and a half, and it'll. Lighten the entire thing up, if you have extra, you could put it into like a little cupcake paper or whatever you want to freeze it for later or just enjoy a snack at some point. Okay, that's. Good. Alright, let's transfer that filling into our cooled pie, crust smooth out the top. And then ice one go crazy for a minute, put it on a turntable and give it a really nice smooth.

So if you wanted just the peanut butter pie, I would do something like this. And you haven't got pretty swirl at the very end, which I. Think is a pleasant presentation, you could just drizzle some chocolate maybe crush up some Reese's Pieces or Justin's, peanut butter cups. And this be totally presentable. Everyone loved it. Good servo to ice cream. This goes into the fridge to set up and chill.

You can make this the night before and then put the whipped cream on right before serving you could do the whole thing right now. But I just think that fresh whipped cream is better than whipping. This has been in the fridge for a few days or. Overnight, let me know in the comments, if you agree with me, or if you're all about that aged whipped cream, life, many recipes will call for a cool clip, I like whipped cream. Better.

If you look cool, whip pile it on though it's totally up to you right into the fridge. We got and I, of course, have my pie that I made yesterday, which is already all set up so let's move this process along and get to the whipped cream into that. Same whipped cream, bowl we're going to add in another cup.

And you know, it's totally. Up to you if you want to add in a bit more like I, do maybe a cup and a half splash of vanilla. And this is totally up to you. You can add in no sugar, or you know up to possibly three tablespoons I'm, adding in like two and a half tablespoons of sugar, and we'll see how that looks right back on there, and we're going to whip this up again now it's over with it. If you over whip your whipped cream, it'll curdle and kind of turn into cheese like delicious cream, cheese, yes, giving about 1/3 of a cup of chocolate.

A chop you can decorate your pie with either some chopped chocolate shaped chocolate noting or melted chocolate I haven't decided yet, so I'm going to try it with melted chocolate see how? And when you melt chocolate it's always easier to melt it if it's in small pieces so chop chop chop chop chop into a small bowl and then into the microwave for some, you know, short, 30. Second, half power bursts. My microwaves here.

Alright, my chocolates all melted up. So now it's time to assemble that pie. Look. At this delicious transferred to a piping tip drizzle that on top of your whipped cream in a big Ziggy pattern, and then take a handful of roasted peanuts. Toss them in what's left of the melted chocolate, and then just sprinkle them on top of your pie, it's delicious. And it had so much extra flavor and texture.

You have the flaky butter crust, the crunchy roasted peanuts tossed in chocolate. And it is just heaven like the amount of whipped cream on top really balances it out and makes it feel light. And healthy I'm having a day. Okay, it is time for a bite and I. Am beyond ready as I thought that is delicious.

If you like this recipe and I am not sure how you couldn't check out my playlist that has my perfect pie, crust recipe, how to all my favorite pies, and you are going to be baking up a storm, I, promise. Alright, if you like my videos hit that like button and subscribe, and I'll see you in the next video.

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