The Broken "Micromg" Class Setup In Black Ops 4! (Best Micromg 9Mm Class Setup Call Of Duty Bo4)

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Guys. So let's get into the class setup. We've got the dominant broken micro, mg class setup. And when I say this I'm, not kidding, folks, like this thing, if you guys have been killed by somebody who's perfect with this thing, you know, just how good this thing is. Man, it's, absurd, it's, absurd, all right. So we got the micro micromg, it's, such a weird gun, right?

It kind of winds up a little. So you got to get used to the timing. But once you do.

I'm telling you like it, literally, instar kills it's like it's, like the VMP killer, dude, it really is it. It kills VMS up close. If you time it right? Right? You're, not going to win every gun fight again against these, uh SMG's, but I'm, telling you if you time it right? Man, it's so good.

Okay. So this is the classified last setup we've got for more. We've got rapid fire. You were increasing. The fire rate on an already very, very fast. Fire rate gun.

This. This is the most important attachment, there's, no. Question about it, if you need one attachment on there, this is the attachment to do rapid fire is the way to go next up with all of those bullets spraying out of there at very high speeds. You require a grip on here to control that recoil.

If you want a chance at uh staying in some of these medium range, gunfights man, pop the grip on there, right? Because you guys will see this recoil is heavy man, it's heavy, um, you know, it's generally a gun. You want to keep yourself at close and medium ranges with. But if. You pop this grip on there man helps the recoil out a lot of telling you to pop this thing on there, you're going to need it. And finally, we've got extended mags one and extended mags, too dudes.

This gives it an 80 round mag, 80 round, mag, bro, 80 round, mag of a gun that sprays so many bullets. So quickly is huge man. You can get so many kills in a row, um I'm, hoping in this gameplay, you kind of see how many kills we can get with one mag.

I was just kind of warming up with this gun and dude, I got like six. Seven eight kills in a row without reloading, right? I was trying to test how many kills I could get with it. It's, it's, it's, actually, insane. If you have both of these on there and listen the iron sights aren't bad. So you can, uh. So you don't have to waste an attachment on the ELO or anything like that.

So this is giving you an opportunity for extended. Max 102 man, absolutely insane, you're going to want to do this. And then finally we've got stem shot. Naturally, we've got scavenger for all those long.

Streaks we're going to go on hopefully we'll go on a nice long, uh, nuke type, streak in this gameplay, uh, no per2. And then we've got part 3 is dead silence. Man. Thank you guys so much for watching the video so far make sure you stick around for the gameplay man, if you guys have not seen, just what this micromg can do you guys are going to want to check this thing out man, especially this class, setup, absolutely insane, all right. Folks, let's get after listen. We've got this micro mg on militia, more of a. Medium range map, right, so it's going to be interesting.

This is going to kind of test, truly just how good this grip attachment can be, um and be able to show off really how good this thing is. Even if those medium ranges, dudes that guy had the spitfire, no, yeah, the Maddox I'm. Sorry. I misspoke there just trying to give him a little too much credit there, um, that guy had the Maddox there.

And you know, he definitely had the advantage, and we're still able to take that guy down because literally this. Literally due to this gun is broke it's its, insane like it's, it's, literally game breaking. If is somebody that's really, really good on the other team uses this gun and that's, why I really want you guys to use this thing? Man, it's like it's, its actual insanity it's insanity that this thing isn't more popular than it is. We should really be seeing this micromg. You know how you see so much VMP spam. It should be micro.

Mg, spam, I'm, not kidding. Folks, I'm, not kidding. Folks like it's, actually insane. What.

This thing can do, oh he's got shot punch. There I'm going to die here. Yep, this is not good. Yeah.

That was a weird situation. But dude, do you see how quickly this thing kills? Right? It actually melts, it's.

Broken. Nothing can beat it up close. I'm so excited that we're able to make another class setup on this thing.

Folks, dude, no chance. Yeah, I didn't have a shot. I can't know exactly where we were still didn't have a chance later. I'll, take the era there, but dude and look at this, these extended mags, right?.

I've killed like three guys, and I still have 28 29 bullets in the map. Ah, that's, not a good gunfight for us. I should be dead. Really. I got the teammates came to the rescue a little there. Yep, this guy's got a song in his hand, we're going to beat him up close a couple of guys here. Man that guy is, uh cracked out.

Listen, you know, sometimes you're going to get beat like that. I mean, he just flat-out outplayed us. But this thing beats the song up close it does and you guys know, I'm, a sock fan. Later, no chance literally guy died. Instantly had died. Instantly folks. He didn't have a chance.

This is not a good gunfight for us later. Buddy, no chance, dude, insane, insane, learn to control. This recoil learns the timing. So I would find the timing to be the most important part of this thing, just dude, it's a little of a wind up.

Right when this gun first came out, I was like, dude, why would anyone use this gun? Right? It's, it's, there's, a wind-up, like it gets you killed every time. If you learn.

When to aim down sights with this thing, dude, it's, it's, got armor that was not good for us. You know, I really wanted the opportunity to show off this micro mg and just show you how good this thing could be with this glass up, especially I think I didn't have a chance bro. If this gun is not on your radar folks, I'm, telling you need to make it on your radar, dude, like, I don't know what it's? Insane, it's, insane, folks, it's, not on your radar. It needs to be on your radar. Fox. Let's see if we can.

Go on a nice little streak here, I haven't been able to streak up too much in this game. Let's see if we can make something happen here. I've been able to streak up because of my trash gameplay, but dude, what I see that that was medium range. Folks, listen, one thing I will say is to reload time on this thing is not great so be aware of that, you know, um you're going to have to adjust to it better. Buddy, no chance we snuck up right behind him.

We took him down that and listen, to reload time, not. Being great is another reason why I really love the extent of mags one and two on here, because it really does take a long time to reload like it's, not good. Oh folks, we're cracked later. Buddy, we're going to die right here. Yeah, we had to reload. He was coming after us.

Mr's cordite took us down a really, really nice game. So far really happy with how this is going. So far later, up this thing. Man, oh man, oh man that guy's absolutely cracked out. Listen like I said, I'm, not the best player in the. World so you know, I'm, I'm, I'm going to lose some gunfights here and there. But you guys can really see like you guys can truly see how good this thing could be there.

Buddy, you had no chance. I think he had a microwave in his hand. If we still took it down, oh, I got lucky there. You may kind of bail this out, huh? It may kind of bail this out, huh? Everybody, no chance.

No we go down. You hate to see that man. I absolutely love this gun, dude, it's, actually like so fun, too like it's, literally, broken. Folks, It's, literally broken folks, better. Buddy, you died before you even had a chance to react. I'm, sorry, I'm, sorry, about that not that.

Sorry, but I'm. Sorry, oh, my god. He came back for more, and he just got taken down ma'am.

I wanted to test that out and see as you guys could see that recoil is pretty brutal right? It's. Pretty brutal good thing. We have that grip on there that was a long-range gun fight that we maybe shouldn't be getting in any way.

EW, dude, we melted through that guy that was disgusting that. Was disgusting doggo's going to put in some work, possibly not we're going to have to do all the work about this UAV get a strong finish to the game. Folks, this thing is absolute insanity. Folks, dude, oh my god. I mean, listen, this gun speaks for itself. I pretty, pretty usual being the average player that I am.

Furthermore, I died of died a few extra times. But listen, I love this gunman. And I truly hope that you guys are able to see and feel and try out this gun.

Man, make sure you guys, you guys got to unlock. It and you're, uh, you know, in your pick a weapon, drive it's, definitely worth. It makes you guys do it. Thank you so much for watching the video today, guys, if you haven't already make sure you go over follow my twitch man, you guys, watch the video all the way through if you want to watch some streams, sometimes I think, uh, this is a Sunday that we're.

Recording. This video is coming out on Monday on Sunday, I'm going to be streaming here. And we stream generally on the weekends, um. Thank you so much for. Watching the video so much to me, I will catch you in the next one peace out.

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