Target With Macros In Classic Wow (Using Bfa In Classic)

One of the best things about classic Wow is we'll, be gaining access to the new retail macro system while the macros may not be as powerful as their vanilla counterparts, they're less cluttered and much easier to understand in this video I'll be going over some retail style, targeting macros that you'll be able to take advantage of in classic targeting macros are really useful, because they allow you to save on key binds. This might not sound that important, but it makes it. So you don't need to click. To target or press tab to attack a new enemy. The most basic targeting macro is slashed start attack if you're new to WoW, adding this line before your abilities will make it target the nearest enemy and start your auto attack. The problem is, this is really only useful for melee classes when I swapped over from rogue to hunter.

This was the first thing that I missed. So I did a little of research and I found this macro that works for range classes. Now this one targets the nearest enemy, but only if. You don't already have a target. This works great in tandem with cast time abilities like wrath. Frost bolt lightning bolt or shadow bolt that's a lot of bolts.

We can make the macro even smarter by also targeting an enemy. If our target is dead, or it's, an ally. This is a step in the right direction, because if you're targeting an ally rather than giving you an error, it will drop the allied target and target an enemy. Instead. It might seem strange if you've never used stuff like this before, but think.

About it for one second, when you're pressing lightning bolt you're looking for a target to deal damage, too, it makes sense to drop targets that can't be damaged like allies and dead enemies. I can't, tell you the number of times I've targeted an ally on accident in a raid for a few seconds before realizing and clicking off of them. This macro is pretty good, but it has one flaw. It will only targeted enemies if there is a new enemy directly in front of you. So this right here is the best version of.

The targeting macro that I have found it drops all targets that we can't damage. Then immediately targets a new enemy, if you're looking to improve your DPS and raids. This is a very good way to start. This macro allows you to have as little downtime as possible in between targets. It makes the transition between mobs, seamless allowing you to focus on executing the rotation.

Now if you're a melee class, you can pretty much put these macros into almost all of your abilities. But if you're a ranged class. The macro works best on spells with cast times, because you can interrupt the cast make sure you don't, add this macro to instant abilities with ranges over 15 yards, because you might pull enemies on accident.

Hunters of course, are immune to this rule because it's expected of us that will pull the entire raid with multi shot. If you have both of these macros you're, well on your way to a fast leveling pace. So I hope they help you out on your journey to max level in classic. Thank you so much for. Watching this quick video I plan on making lots of new content, so stay tuned and subscribe for more videos, I'll keep responding the comments, the best that I can, I read every single one of them and I, really appreciate all the support guys.

See you next time.

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