Sky Fursuit Head Trade Unboxing Video! - Moonlight_The_Furry

Hi everyone and you like their fairy here, and I have various video and I just want to get right to it. Um, if you saw my Q&A, the scene that I did that's a trade and haha it's just arrived right now, and I just seriously want to get straight into it and open it up so that's exactly what I'm going to do I've taken the addresses so far, no like the first huge I'm going to box that I brought me, oh, my gosh. And you can, we just have a look at some adorable drawing. We've been waiting to finish this like every year. I'm so excited and nervous about, oh, my god, okay, I don't even know you. Okay. So these are just a bunch of, oh my, gosh, oh my god.

Okay, this is big. Oh, my god I can see them? I can see them? Okay, I don't. Look, oh, my gosh. Top, sorry. So much softer is, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

You've done such a good job. Oh, absolutely I. Could not believe how soft this Garage. Thank you. Thank you so much tell me about this more than the package? Okay, oh my gosh. Thank you put.

This is an actual masterpiece I, just got I have to see this. Okay, I tell you are an app you're just amazing by just writing some I don't think I show this on camera about this here. Thank you so much. Oh, we put it in home.

Look at this look at this. He looks like what oh my god, I don't, even know what to say he. Thank you so much Ashley, V for trading with me. He looked absolutely incredible. The fur is so soft. It was such sweet, often I thought it was going to be just perfect. Thank you so much.

Yeah, I'll be sending yours off either today or tomorrow I, really. Really really hope it's today, yeah,

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