Recipe: Ultimate Olive Oil Compound Butter

Today, I'm going to share with you one of my favorite culinary hacks. It involves butter, lots of butter and wonderful fresh pressed olive oil so excited to share this recipe with you. Your lean proteins are going to be so happy, and you're going to have a little secret weapon in your kitchen that's going to just boost the flavors of all kinds of amazing dishes. So I'll tell you what you can use it on, and I'm going to show you how to make it. So stay tuned and let's. Try to make this together come on in. Here, Megan all right so show everyone what I got, so I'm making a compound butter today that uses quite a few fresh herbs.

You can make this your own, but I'm, just starting with a glass dish glass bowl. And this butter is a very high quality butter, it's, unsalted butter, because I prefer to control the salt, the type of salt and the quantity of salt in the recipe. But I would say it is room temperature butter. I would not too soft, not too cold, put that in the bowl in a bowl that aside. So step one is I'm. Gonna aerate and fluff and kind of cream, the butter a little it's going to increase the volume of the butter so keep an eye on that, and also it's going to make it when I freeze it, it's going to be softer, or when I chill, if it's going to be softer and melt easier on my proteins and my cooked veggies. So anyway, stay in here and start this process.

I'm just got the um a hand. Mixer here you can do this with a paddle attachment and a kitchen aid as well. So you'll, notice, here, the color change.

It starts to lighten a little and that's what you kind of want to go for. And if we were, um editing these videos and not doing them live. I would probably whip it a little longer, but you definitely get the idea. The um, as I was saying, you can kind of make it your own.

We have chosen. We've got some fresh basil. Furthermore, we've got chives. Furthermore, we have oregano and what's the other one in there Megan, you've got, oh it'll, be rosemary. Oh, rosemary, thyme, basil and chive that Megan beautifully chopped in advance.

But. Really here's a nice selection, you can really decide anything you like. I didn't, put dill in this one because a lot of times it can be quite overpowering or oregano. If I were doing for a fish dish, I might decide to add a little of dill or tarragon and lemon. But for now I want to make I want to start infusing the butter with the olive oil. And for the olive oil, I've decided a bold selection here. This is a Chilean olive oil, and it's quite bold, I'm going to drizzle.

I'd say, two, this is two sticks. Of butter and I would say that's about, I don't know what six four five tablespoons of uh, fresh pressed olive oil in there. So I don't know probably about a quarter cup to about two sticks of butter. So I've got the oil kind of floating around in there.

I'm going to add my chives, beautiful, rosemary, thyme, oh and basil. I love the basil in there. So nice now, if you wanted to you could use a garlic press or mint, some very finely minced garlic and add that as well, I'm not going to add that to this one. I want.

To keep it a little more basic and all-purpose. But this is one of those ingredients you keep in your pantry, and you can pull out and use in a lot of different ways. So now that I have all the ingredients in I'm going to add some salt, a little pinch of salt in here, I'm going to add some pepper on top of the herbs. I like a lot of pepper. So and now we're gonna start combining everything that bold olive oil really increases the flavor of this compound butter exponentially. All right, you guys get the. Idea I'm going to set this off to the side here.

So this is what I've got. So, um, oh, yeah, I can see on the bottom of the bowl see how all the herbs are incorporated in there. And this looks so yummy, and it smells so delicious.

So my next step is clear this off of hair I'm going to show you how now you can place this in a crock in the fridge, if you're doing a lot of like around the holidays or whatever and just want to use a spoon to take it out. You can do that. But really the best way to do this is to. Because once it's chilled it's, not as easy to work with, and you want to keep this chilled, I use a piece of parchment paper and on the parchment paper I'm just going to take the butter this compound butter, actually, I probably should have tasted this too to see if I needed to adjust any of the seasoning let's, just do that real quick in case we have to do a retake. Oh, yeah, that's.

Good, that's, really, perfect. You really taste the olive oil you're going to be surprised. I do want to add a touch more. Salt so I'll just do that to the outside here, that's fine. So in the parchment paper, I've kind of placed it in the center of a long piece of parchment paper, I'm going to take this and fold it over to create a little pocket.

You guys can see that in there. And then I take the flat edge of a scraper like a dough scraper. And I kind of push you see that okay, Megan kind of push that at the end, you can kind of make this log any shape as thin or as thick as you like that's, probably good for. Most of our uses.

So what I end up with is a nice, clean package. And then you just fold over the ends and place this in the fridge or the freezer so place this in the fridge or the freezer. And then when you want it, you can take it out and actually, slice it just to whatever thickness you like just because we're in a hurry. And I want to show you how I would use this I'm going to just go ahead and open this up I'm going to use my, you know, actually, I could, yeah, say, let's use a fork.

I guess, but the way. I'm using it today is I have some I love to use this for grilled meats or lean proteins. So when they come right off the grill, I would take a little slice of this cold butter, that's, well, seasoned and has the wonderful flavor of olive oil and the herbs. And I would place that right on top of a lean protein.

Great example, is filet Mignon, not my favorite cup because it's very lean. But when you add the compound butter on it, it's, fantastic, you put a little, um, I've got some serving it here for my meal. With a little of spinach drizzle that with fresh pressed olive oil, a little squeeze of lemon, and you're ready to go.

So nice, quick meal there. The other lean protein that this is perfect on is, um a chicken breast, which also this one's actually skinless. I prefer skin on. But in this case, it's a good example because this would start to melt and create a beautiful olive oil butter sauce for your meal. So let's talk about Megan let's. Talk about some other ways you could use this again, Wrap it keeps it in the freezer slice off a little piece as you need.

It just re-wrap it in saran wrap risotto, fantastic steamed, vegetables. Incredible roast. Potatoes. You could use it let's say, you're making a sauce. And you've reduced the sauce. You could put a little knob of this in the sauce to create an instant flavor boost and texture and thickness in the sauce.

There's really a limitless, corn, I'm, trying to think of in its pasta. Yes, plenty. Oh, good. One for topping and flavor, addition. So really you. Can like for breakfast you if you're making a Quich or an omelette or frittata a little of this on top, uh, just before serving incredible. You can saut some veggies in it.

Another shellfish, oh yeah, there's, too. Many there's, too. Many click going down the list it's going to be too long of a video. Uh. But anyway, I'd love to hear how you guys would use it since we know how Megan, and I would use it and do use it in our kitchen.

And also if you've made compound butters, I mean, you can go crazy. You can create. Sweet ones that have like cinnamon and nutmeg and olive oil, you can really go in ones for fish that have tarragon. But these are little flavor hacks that you can use to really boost your cooking, especially if you're doing a lot of entertaining just even simply with a little of bread is also nice and toasted in the oven.

I personally am a bit of a purist when it comes to bread. And I just like mine with salt and olive oil. But that's me my wife, Megan's from Chicago, and she's, a Midwesterner and. Loves her butter, so we also are kind of this olive oil butter marriage, the two of us. So anyway, I invite you guys to try it, leave any comments. And thank you guys for tuning in happy drizzling.

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