Plex Mobile Media Player For Ipad And Iphone (Review)

Hey, guys, Mike here today, I got an app review. We're going to take a look at Plex for the iOS now Plex is available on the iPad, which I'll be doing the demo right here, but also the iPhone and iPod, touch it's currently selling for 5 bucks. And this is a companion app for the DEX desktop software.

Basically Plex is a home theater, PC package. So what you can do is you can load up all your movies, all your photos and an audio on here, all your music and be able to access it in your living room on an. Ht PC and I've been thinking about doing this, maybe put in a Mac Mini and in the living room, for example, what I really want to do is I want to take all my DVDs and Blu-rays and everything and just basically rip them and store them online. So I don't have to go digging for discs whenever I feel like watching something so really curious to check this out and I saw. They have an iOS app here.

So I thought, possibly this would be a cool way of extending that you know, home theater PC to my iPad. Also, my. Iphone so let's, check it out. So what you start up here, you go into the library, and you have a couple options here. You have movies music and TV shows let's jump into movies. Here just show you this I got inception. The only one here that I got this is a digital copy or something like that from the actual disc, and we'll.

Go ahead, we'll, tell it to play, and you can see here it. It plays a whoop. I got a pause there. There we go. So they were playing right in here. Looks great. You know, it's playing.

It and you know, HD format, you know, high quality. And this is streaming it. You know, directly from my Mac.

Now, let's take a look at music here. This goes into my all the music on my computer and what's actually nice about plexus. You don't have to have it contained anywhere. It actually searches it out and every once in a while it'll refresh the library. So you know, even though I got all my music in my iTunes library, it's, still picking it up.

And you can see it puts all the thumbnails and all the content. In there that was one really cool thing about Plex that really impresses me is you know, automatically go out get the artist info the season in Foley, you know, them the series info and also the individual episode info. You don't have to enter that in and that's, what I really love about Plex. So let's, take a watch here at TV shows I transferred some stuff for my Tito has taken up some space.

We'll, probably watch. It later this summer, as you can see, it puts all the series info, the show info and. All the episodes to puts all the descriptions in the titles of each episode, even little thumbnail on each one to go basically, tell it to pick up where it left off. You can see comes up, and it looks great nice quality, HD image being sent, you know to the iPad.

So everything looks crisp and clear a pretty cool thing. Alright, a couple other things to show you is inside channels. Let's take a look at photos will work. My way in here. This is the most recent important that I did. Okay. So you can pull up.

Here, your photo album, and then also let's take a look at the various iTunes, you can bring in iTunes movies and videos. In addition, that you can add different things. If you want different channels, you can pull them up and say, okay, give me different types of media types, most popular or the most popular channel directory. So here are some things you can add. You can add Ted if you want, um, you know, whatever you want CNN. So you can bring this stream it right in to your home theater PC from the.

Internet these preset channels. So there you go guys a look at Plex for the iOS, pretty cool way to extend the Plex functionality to your iOS device. One other thing I want to note is under Advanced Settings.

You have an option for airplay. So you can actually send your Plex media to an Apple TV over airplane, that's kind of crazy, and you'll sort of like dividing by 0 I. Guess? So you're basically streaming it into the iPad as a Plex.

So maybe it's a format, the Apple TV doesn't work with. And possibly then. You could stream it to airplay, for example, so some crazy stuff here. And the way to get around, possibly necessarily having to have a dedicated home theater PC in your home theater. Possibly you can just stream it right from your desktop again, using an unsupported format for that. So pretty cool stuff, again, I definitely check out Plex, it's, a cool application.

And if you find it useful, you may find this app also useful. Alright, guys once again, this is Plex for the iOS. This is Mike from insanely great Mac. Thanks for watching you.

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