Onyx Path News - Mage: The Ascension 20Th Anniversary Sale!

Welcome to the onyx path. News, um, well, let's be honest, it's been a bit of a shitty week. I know starting off with bad language, uh, it isn't, really how you're supposed to start the news, but it's, uh, not the best week in the world for the world is it. And so I was actually struggling a little I was thinking, is it too trite to go out with a live broadcast and get all excited about games when there are so many other things going on right now that are distinctly Union and obviously, uh, you can't just.

Stop everything when anything's going on the world when there's war, uh, when horrible laws are being enacted, uh, you do have to go on with things, uh, hello, Elaine. And we will continue making games, and we will continue selling games, and hopefully you'll continue buying them. And hopefully you will continue enjoying them. Uh, obviously, I'm, not going to dwell too much on state of the world in this. This is the onyx path news. It isn't news of the world, um, but I will say that, uh, if there's anyone, uh, Watching this, I mean, I'm sure you've got more pressing things on your mind.

But if there is anyone watching this who is out in Ukraine right now, uh, you know, solidarity with you, uh, stay safe as you can. And I hope that this is over sooner rather than later, uh. So on to the games onto the games. So let's talk a little about our onyx path 10th anniversary sale. We have a sale going on every single week.

We are putting a different game up on sale. You know, it's been. Uh, this month has been a very. Busy month for sales, because we had vampire at the beginning of February. Then we had werewolf. I think that makes sense then we have wraith and changeling.

And now we've got mage. The ascension 20th anniversary edition, which next vampire is our more prolific, uh world of darkness, line for 20th anniversary edition. Uh, there are a lot of books in that sale.

Now I will say that, although there are a lot of books in that sale, 90 off 90 off the marked price, which is, you know, pretty good, pretty good, uh in. Fact, it's, pretty excellent. There are a couple of books that aren't, and I'll just give you a quick reason for why technology reloaded isn't in that sale yet, because we are still distributing the traditionally printed versions of that book to the backers of the Kickstarter for that book, therefore it wouldn't really feel right to start selling that for 10 of its regular cost when people who back the kick start, I haven't received a copy yet, hopefully you understand the other one is rich bastard sky. To magic we only released that three weeks ago, I think at time of recording. So again, we're not going to knock the price down to 10 this quickly.

If we did, there'll be a lot of people who bought it over the preceding three weeks, you might be thinking a little, uh, like we have screwed them out of some money. So with that said, there is still an awful lot of 20th anniversary mage product that you can buy at 90 off. How do you do that? The mage core book truth, be on paradox?

Uh, I believe book of the fallen. Is in there as well, which is one, I am very fond of uh in the way it's written. Uh, we've got a lot of products out there. So do check the link is linked below as it always is and take advantage of that sale. Now what else? Well this week we released trinity continuum, uh, polyphonic, Polyphemus. I would pronounce it I'm Polyphemus.

It could be. Uh. This is a tasty bit supplement for the trinity continuum. That enables you to play members of a secret organization that is one parts, uh, the SCP.

I very much. Identify SCP connections here. And thank you very much IAN for throwing in there that our mage revised books are also in the sale, uh, he's listed them in the chat.

So please do check the chat there, uh, but yes, uh, Polyphemus. Uh, enables you to play members of a new organization, it's, a really fantastic. Once it's, basically within a living library, complex that dates back to the 1970s and never seems to age or change in its interior. I was having a read through it.

Not long ago. It was really firing up the. Synapses of imagination, uh, it's, a really reasonably cost product like all of our tasty bits.

Do you know, it's just a couple of dollars. And honestly, I think it's worth checking out if you are inspired by, uh by such things as the x-files by such things as SCP by the Stanley parable as well, because it has that sort of bureaucratic horror to it. I recommend you take a look. It is again, linked below.

And what else do we have released this week? Well, we also had scion on roll, 20 that's, right. Scion has. Been added to roll 20 in character sheet and, etc. form.

You can find a link to that below it's, our aim to get all of our in-house products on roll, 20 and other virtual tabletops as time goes on. So that will include books carrot sheets cards where necessary counters maps all kinds of things. Because we understand people are playing a lot of virtual games these days, and especially they were during the pandemic, which, you know, arguably still going on. Uh. So if you are an online gamer, then take advantage.

Use the fact that there's the scion product is now on roll, 20 and use those tools give us your feedback, let us know how they're playing out for you and yeah, actually, uh, Mikhail points out, very laundry files. But I haven't thought of the laundry for a long time, but I agree it's got some lovely, uh, laundry feel to it. So what else? Well, we did announce this week that our next crowdfunding campaign will be. They came from classified, and they came from the cyclops cave it's.

A double feature much as masks. Of the mythos and scion dragon were a double feature. Kickstarter. It was two different books appealing to potentially two different audiences.

We packaged it together on Kickstarter. It did very well we're thinking of doing the same thing for they came from classified. They came from the cyclops cave we're very excited about this one. We've got lots of plans for that Kickstarter. We think it's going to be on Kickstarter. I keep saying it, I should say, crowdfunding, you never know you never know what might. Change, but likelihood is it will be on there and yeah, uh very much looking forward to that one, of course I developed, uh, they came from classified co-developed with Michael and the chapter they came from the cyclops cave.

The writers on both books did a tremendous job. And the art that has come in for both uh is just sublime, uh, wait until you see the full pages from these two books, you'll be blown away. And I see Pavel has asked a question are they say all those sales are incredibly wonderful. I. Added so many great books to my collection only problem is how to find enough time to read and play them all well, I recommend depending on where you are in the world right now hunkering down in a bunker, underground and just spending a lot of time with your books.

Maybe step out when the crisis blows over, uh, otherwise, uh, you know, fit it around to. And what I recommend with all of these books is don't, necessarily feel you have to read them from beginning to end a lot of these books are a bit. Encyclopedic, you can pick the bits you want. You can leave the bits you don't. And then you can revisit.

It later. All these books behind me, I very rarely read them from a to the zed most the time it's, well, I'm interested in that, but I'm going to take a character from here and monster from there a story hook from there, and then I'll come back to it another time. So, uh, we will have a 90 off. No. We don't need 90 off time in because we already don't have enough time, that's the problem, uh. So what else. Well, I would be remiss if I didn't mention again that uh last week, we released the longest night which was our jump start for ghost hunters.

And honestly, if you are just getting into the world of darkness, I know there are still some of you out there or into wraith the oblivion. The longest knight is a brilliant jumping off point, it's a well as jumping off it's, a jump start. It is an opening story chronicle that you can play in one night. If you see fit, uh with a group of players, and it introduces.Then to the ghost hunters, which are in the ghost hunters book and wraith, which is, of course, in wraith. The oblivion it's got a lovely marriage of concepts there, uh, which I think does very well together.

And also in recent, uh, oh, um, uh. The chat has now gone out of control. But uh, what I will also say is, uh, this week. If you haven't been following it on the onyx path cast this entire month, in fact, we have been doing episodes dedicated to the different world of darkness. Games, uh, we have done two. Major the ascension episodes, largely because of the law of the traditions Kickstarter, though, of course, we also touch on techno reloaded, Victorian mage, uh. We did a werewolf featured episode which I think goes out today.

If it isn't already released. And last week was vampire 20 with myself, Neil Raymond price and Eddie where we got to reminisce about working on Beckett's jihad diary, which I think you will agree is the best v20 book that was ever made. Uh, certainly, I think so maybe even the best. Vampire book ever made in general, you know what I'll go for that. So what else do we have? Well, I will do my usual call to arms, which is if you have bought any of our books recently in Pavel, I know you have because you said, you have then done take the time to go through on drive through RPG, giving them a star rating. I understand you may not have enough time to give a review and that's, absolutely fine.

I love a review, but you don't have to give a review, but what you could do. And what will take you. Barely any time at all is click on the number of stars, you think this book, warrants, it genuinely helps these books get seen, and it encourages people to buy them, especially if it's something you've recently purchased and recently looked through like they came from camp murder lake, uh, the dawn novella for trinity continuum, which we also released last week, a fantastic novel there. And you know, whenever we release a new product, there is always the risk that we will release it. And because we release. Something every single week that it will quickly fall off the radar, the way to avoid that is when you have the customers sing, these products, praises there's, only so much singing, we can do before people think, yeah, you know what they're really ramming it down our throats.

But when you do it, it means a lot more. And if all that translates into is star ratings on drive through RPG, then we appreciate that if it turns into interviews on podcasts, deep dives videos, reviews blogs, whatever else, however, else you. Want to advertise these books presents and say, how wonderful you think they are. We appreciate that too even more in short, please do support us. Not just by buying our books, but also by rating and reviewing them. It does and yeah. So what else do we have to cover?

You know, I told myself, I would keep this episode pretty short, and I think I'm going to stick to that. Because as I said at the beginning of the episode there is a lot going on in the world right now is very distracting. And for good reason. You know, it's, not, uh, something that we should, oh, you know, I wish this would fade away we all like to keep on top of what's going on in the world right now, I'm, not trying to be vague, but I'm also not trying to trivialize, uh things. And so I don't want to speak too much about how fantastic role-playing games are even though you know, we love them because are also tragedies going on right now as there always are, but right now, it seems incredibly prescient and uh, not even prescient that's. The wrong.

Word see I'm, clearly, rattled, I'm, usually much better with my vocabulary than that. So I would say, thank you very, very much for watching. If you have any questions about any products that I've not covered in this week's onyx path news, please do go over to the onyx path blog or go on the onyx path, discord leave a comment on one or the other. If you're not a member of the discord there's, a link below so that you can join it. And we would love for you to join in there.

We've got thousands of people on. There and they love talking about our games, there's a channel dedicated to every single one. And if you can, you know, uh, do your best to stay safe during this very troublesome time in the world, no matter where you are.

But especially if you're in a country, let's say, Ukraine, uh, it's, you know, it's its, a very stressful time right now, uh. And I think a lot of us, don't really know which way to look and how to act. And as I said, and I know, I keep laboring this point coming on camera to advertise games. Right now seems trivial, but at the same time, we all end up, we know we can't all just live in stasis, waiting for something to resolve. We just have to hope that it does. We have to help it to do.

So in whatever way we can with donations with support with amplifying messages. And again, I don't want to make this a big dire tribe, too political. This is the onyx path channel, but nevertheless, stay safe. Do what you can to help others who need it. And I will see you next week for another episode of the. Onyx path news. Thank you very much for watching.

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