Is The Mid 2015 Macbook Pro Still Good In 2021?

Oh, hey, almost didn't. See you there? This is a mid-2015 15-inch MacBook Pro for about five years. Now, these things have been

Everyone loves these guys, uh. But now we're in the age of apple, silicon it's, 20 21. These guys have quad-core, intel processors, they're getting close to six years old. So are they still the king today's video is sponsored by total.

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Av and redeem this offer, you can check out the link in the description below or. Head to leukemia as far as mid-2015 15-inch MacBook pros go. This is pretty much the cream of the crop it's. Basically, the ideal spec that I would have a computer like this in it's got a 2.5 gigahertz core i7 4870hq, 16 gigabytes of 1600 megahertz, ddr3, ram a one terabyte SSD.

And the upgraded dual graphics with AMD, radon m370x and two gigs of VRAM. If you are looking to buy one of these machines, I would definitely recommend going for the dedicated GPU models. They carry a pretty small. Price premium, but have a big impact on performance, compared to the poultry Haskell integrated graphics. Now mind you, these are still 2015 GPUs with just two gigs of VRAM.

So they're, not exactly screamers you're, not going to be booting into boot camp on this computer and playing AAA titles on a m370x. But at the very least it will help you out for a lot of graphical acceleration. Think of it as like the gt 1030 of the mac world right, you're, not going to be buying it as like a GPU, but it'll do better.Then integrated stuff, so it's worth having and that's a lot of the story with this computer for about four years. This thing was really competitive in terms of performance and value. But now we're pushing six, we have Apple Silicon around this isn't going to be a performance powerhouse.

It has basically lost that crown. However, this is a holistic review, we're, not just going to talk about performance. But you know, we should at least talk a little about performance.

So let's do some obligatory. Benchmarks starting with geek bench 5, it's predictably, a bloodbath, the m1, max absolutely walk all over this thing. And that applies in geek bench compute as well where the m1 MacBook Air and pro are significantly faster.

The pro is almost exactly double the GPU compute performance, which is a really impressive showing from a computer that just uses like 20 watts of power moving over to cine bench r23 it's, more of the same, the core i7. And this MacBook Pro just can't keep up with the newer Apple Silicon. Chips that's to be expected moving over to Final Cut Pro.

We see a continuation of this narrative. The 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro takes about twice as long to render a clip as a MacBook Pro with the m1 chip things get a little closer when we move over to blender where you can see the MacBook Pro closing the gap. Thanks to the translation layer through Rosetta 2 slowing down, the Apple Silicon machines a little, but even so the new kids on the block still take this one pretty easily now, given. The comparisons that I've been doing with 2018 and 2019, intel mac books with six and eight core processors, it's, not even remotely surprising that the m1 max beat this computer.

In fact, it's, basically what I would expect this thing is six years old, however, that's not to say that this thing is completely terrible by comparison. Let's, keep in mind that the m1s are significantly over performing for the category that they operate in. So this is still a good computer in terms of its performance, and it's. Important to remember that when compared to the m1 MacBook Pro that's, a thirteen hundred dollar device, this is nowhere near that kind of money. If you try really hard, you can snag a decent 2015 for around six hundred dollars they sell for around 700 on average, so we're talking a pretty significant cost savings here, 300 over the MacBook Air and 600 over the base MacBook Pro.

And this particular 2015 with a one terabyte SSD is a noticeable upgrade over the 256 gigabytes that you'll get as standard. On Apple Silicon, if performance isn't the most significant thing, and you want a computer that has a lot of storage and a big display. I mean, it's hard to argue with this for 700 bucks it's also really significant to keep in mind that we're talking six, seven hundred dollar laptop here. If that is the top of your budget then Apple Silicon is irrelevant. A thousand dollars for an error, much less 1300 for a pro that's completely out of the realm.

If you're talking about a six or seven hundred dollar budget. So it's, not really worth wasting time thinking about those computers that aren't really in the same price bracket, at least not, yet they're going to take a couple of years to drop. I would suspect that the Apple Silicon max are going to have a pretty slow depreciation curve, just because of how big a jump in performance. They were. I mean, if you look at stuff like the mid 2012, max the Mac mini the MacBook pros. Those things took a while to depreciate because they were so good and people really. Liked them even five six seven years later.

So, yeah, in terms of performance, you're, not going to be competing with the new stuff that's kind of what you would expect it's, six years old. But what about the other aspects of the laptop? Well, one of the reasons these have remained so popular is that they have a great balance of practicality in comparison to the 2016 mac books that replaced them. They had very good port selection. Two USB type, a port, a SD card reader, HDMI and two thunderbolt 2 ports as. Well as the venerable MagSafe charger, this is all well and good.

However, I think enough time has passed that the lack of type c ports is starting to become a negative for photo editing. This is a fantastic computer, because you don't need a ton of performance. You got the benefit of the SD card. So you don't need to carry around a dongle for that. And you have a 15-inch display pretty compelling for 700 bucks. However, it has been six years since apple started transitioning to USB type-c connectors.

The. First mac that had that was the 12-inch MacBook that came out in. I think it was April or march 2015. So almost exactly six years ago back then type c was an inconvenience, because we didn't have a lot of things that could take advantage of that. But now I have flash drives that are USB. I have a thunderbolt raid array. Most external hard drives that you can buy now are going to come with either an USB type a or type c connector.

So you can choose between them. I charge my MacBook and my iPad. With the exact same charger. So I only have to carry one, so now it's becoming a convenience and not having it is a little of an inconvenience, but apart from that. I think that this generation of MacBook Pro has aged really gracefully it's more than thin enough. The display looks phenomenal for this kind of money.

And the keyboard is miles ahead of the later butterfly keyboards, given that this design came out nine years ago. It really doesn't even look that dated. Okay, sure the bezels are a little.A bit thick, but nothing too crazy, that's purely cosmetic. We also have stuff like the venerable force touch trackpad.

This was the first model where that was introduced, and we have a pretty respectable seven or eight hours of battery life. So it's, not just form over function here. There's a lot to like about these mac books granted in terms of performance, they're quickly becoming less competitive when compared to new macs before Apple Silicon, these were often comparable to 13-inch mac books, but cost a. Lot less. But now the new machines pretty completely beat them in every conceivable way, that's not to say that you couldn't use these machines for professional workloads, though final cut optimization is perfect. And for several years, I used one of these computers to edit for my YouTube channel with 1080p footage.

But one of the best things about these mac books is their expandability it's, not something that we really have anymore. The only really truly expandable mac is the iMac. The 27-inch model.

Which has a little ram door, but I guarantee that's not long for this world. So basically you can't upgrade, max anymore, it's, one of the things that just really gets under my skin. Fortunately, with these guys, you can upgrade the SSDs very easily. You can either go one bay and pay a little of a price premium to buy an OEM one, pulled from a real MacBook Pro, or you can get an adapter that lets you use a NVMe SSD, just a normal off-the-shelf one with the proprietary connector in these macs I'll. Have that linked in the description below by the way, if you want to upgrade your MacBook Pro super easy to do it doesn't take a lot of time or cost a lot of money.

Now that NVMe SSD prices have come down quite a bit. So putting a one terabyte SSD in these costs, a lot less than paying apple for that upgrade. So the question at the outset of this video is this still the ultimate MacBook. Well, I don't think I could say that anymore, just because Apple Silicon means that these aren't competitive when. Compared to new mac books, that's, just that's a thing of the past, but given their price point, which is pretty far below Apple Silicon levels. These are still perfect computers.

And if you're on a 700 budget, you really can't go wrong with one of these. The only thing to look out for in terms of common problems. I would say is the screen deamination, they're, very reliable, otherwise, they don't have graphics failure or awful issues with the logic board or the thunderbolt ports or anything like. That so keep an eye out for screen deamination, but other than that, these things are pretty venerable workhorses so that's going to do it for this video.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about the mid 2015, 15-inch, MacBook Pro are these things still a good value, almost six years after they came out, let me know below, and of course, make sure to subscribe leave a like go ahead and follow me on Twitter at leukemia, and I'll. See you guys in the next video you.

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