If You Say “I Love You” You Have To Remove A Layer Of Clothing! *Challenge*

Whoever says I love, you have to remove a layer of clothing. Charles says, I love you way more than I say, I love you. You said, it twice. Take it off I'm looking for this one I'm out. You just said, I love you for this. One. Take your pants off I'm about to get you all the way naked, too, I know how I'm going to beat?

Why did you say I love you take those off what's, good favorite, squirrel? Welcome back to the channel. Guys, I'm Charles. And as you can see, uh, this is not a prank, but baby's. Not here with me, she's, right?.

Here, okay, babe make sure you listen very closely. Are you listening? Yes. So we're about to do a video called whoever says I love, you have to remove a layer of clothing. Okay. So what it is you cannot say I love you for the rest of the day. Okay, we're about to ask Siri we're going to say, Siri, hey, Siri, what's, my sign I'm talking, sir, yes, oh okay.

Pick a number between one and ten. This is for you that would be seven. You have to wear seven layers. That's, good, right? That's. Good, oh, wait. Okay, wait I'm.

Not. Gonna drink that's for me, I wear seven. Okay, what's. You all right, pick a number between one and ten you should've done it's, four, whoa, oh, wait, wait that's. Not good that that's, not good. Okay. I'm going to go change because I don't have.

So I can actually wear four layers of clothing. So does this count like? What does this mean? One? Two, you have underwear on. Yeah, three. You can put one more on.

You have to think smart, though dang, I only can put four like I can't, put murder forward. No okay. I'm going to go. Oh, my. Gosh so guys, you cannot say the l word in this video, it should be a fun. Video, huh, there's.

No l, word, don't. Try to get me, get put on your clothes. Guys. So this is naked. I mean, okay. So this is one layer two layers. Three, three, I have on mines guys.

I have on some shorts, which I don't match at all. Then I have on a shirt, and I have on a hoodie, and I have my underwear. Do you have underwear? Hey, okay. This is my outfit. Okay, so you have on let me let's. Count them.

Let's. Count them real quick. One, yeah, two, three. Four four five, what else do I put on, oh, I know, five, wait. I thought I had seven five.

I wish I had to get the word seven sushi stuff. Not the sauce. She's, crying, she's, craving, she's, crazy. Well, Alyssa just cheated. So I let her shoot I'm, not going to lie. She just put on a jacket that's, not cheating. This is another layer.

And then she put on underwear. Yeah, I put on underwear. You told me to put on underwear. No, I didn't tell you to put the underwear. No, I didn't. Yeah, you did use that no. I said it doesn't.

Count. I said, it does not count. It should count though because it's going to protect you. If like you end up like losing that's what I'm saying, but it shouldn't count. I look at my outfit. Well, we actually do have to run some errands. All right?

You ready. Give me kiss. You were about to get me right there?

No it wasn't. Okay, you guys. So the plan for today we have to go take pearl. If you guys know who pearl is you're. A real one.

Pearl is my old car. I still have her, but neither of us drive her anymore. I have to get. A few things fixed before I can sell the car.

But for now we have to take her to his friend's house to store her and tell I can get her fixed, because we don't have any room here. And I keep on parking in other people's parking spots. And people are getting annoyed with us. So it's time to store her. So Charles is taking my old car, and I'm following behind, and we're, taking the car to his friend, San's house, that's the plan for today. Charlotte, you look so funny in that car, I know, I'm a live babe like.

Doesn't it take you back they'll, take me back to the jump where it all started. I know, okay, I'm going to follow you because I don't know where he lives all right? Just, literally, you just said, it said, what is the three words? Yes, you did park the car park, the car, no park, the car park, the car you got to take a layer off right now. You got to take one off, whichever one you feel comfortable with give it to me. Okay, drive safe.

Peace that car was so hard to drive. You got to really get that fixed, because it has. Literally every light on in that car. But the thing was my friend he lives in a big apartment, complex, so he's like going to wash the car for us, because we don't have enough room to park it just because my car and her car. It just was getting no love. Yeah. We were getting yelled at.

Yeah. We were getting yelled at, so we're, like, you know what I love you. Thank you for doing that you what you said, what take off something pick up something I'm going to let you choose. Oh, my god, actually, I want something more than.

That little jacket you got on, no, you don't get to decide. What would I take off all right? I took that big ass jacket off then throw it in the back where's.

My hoodie at I'm four anyway, she says she said, she can go. What did I say she said, she can go a full day without saying it, but it looks like you literally can't help yourself? It looks like you can't help yourself either because you lost the clothing before I did. Anyway.

So guys we're on our way to where tams to get some food bruh. I legit love. Tams, you know, I can say love tams, I just can't say, I will do you more? I ain't saying it, no who do you more you? What you? What me you want me? I ain't saying this.

So you can on our way to towns to get some chicken wings. Okay, you guys. So Charles just got the food. I just want to come on and share.

I feel like I want to eat in the car, no we're, not eating in the car that I'm going to win this challenge because Charles says, I love you way more than I say I love you. Oh, this is definitely. Let me. Talk, I didn't say it to you.

The whole point of the challenge is, if I say it to you, no the whole point of sounds like you say, apparently, no, if you said, period, don't, try to be funny. No, take it off. Take it out all right? Babe. Take it off. Thank you.

I bought that I didn't even say it to you follow the rules. I know, but I didn't see it follow the rules. You said, it twice that was only one thing. Yes, you did Alyssa.

Come on baby. I have a bra. We don't care. I feel like a bad.

Girl. You are a bad girl. It really. Looks like I have nothing on because you're really going to make me drive home like this. Yes, you're really following rules of challenges from now she likes to cheat. No, I didn't say, no, you said, it, I thought that was the whole point was saying it. I want to show them the photo shot, wait just wait I'm going to eat in the car.

No, no, no you're, not. And I just bought you in the car, so you're, not in it. Okay, we're home, she's, naked, and I'm.

Naked, I'm, ready to eat, though I'm starving. So Charles can you fix me up a. Plate, why are you limping because you know when your clothes go? Oh, yeah, actually, I still have pants. I still got pants until I'm naked, so I'm, I'm doing good. Yeah, you're doing flowers.

You're doing perfect, though, yeah, I got my clothes on show you how I do it. So what I'll do? You know, grab the full wait is that your food? Am? I're just going to share it? No, no that's mine, because you were eating in the car.

Give me the jalapeos. Oh, my god. My mouth is watering. Hi love, hi love bugs. I love . I got.

My mouth guys, I wish there were a tams wherever you guys are, I asked them to them like, hey, um, you ever thought about opening up a new location. Would they say, uh, I don't know, I said, bro so that's, a no that's enough that's, a no guys this stuff is so good like the best rice and chicken I've ever had I've ever had in my life like straight up it's like by far the better I've ever had when Charles? And I first started dating, he like was Ryan the errand. And this is when we didn't live together yet and. He's like let me drop off some food for you, and he had dropped this off for me, and I didn't know what it was. But I just remember like laying on my living room floor like this is perfect like it's. So good, then we put a little hot peppers on it to make a little more spicy.

And then you give you some cayenne pepper. I just want a little of that. Yeah, okay. We're going to eat with you guys, hey, I know, what's funny.

This is last night I looked amazing some, uh, poppy Joe. And she got mad at me. For saying, my stomach hurt, uh-oh, I made it like two hours. Prior to I texted him. I called him he's playing the game. I want him to eat it when it was hot, because I know how he is he's very picky.

What does he do two or three hours later? He comes in with a whole sloppy joke. He didn't even warm it up it's been sitting in the fridge, and he's like this isn't as good as your other one, probably because you didn't warm it up, and you should have eaten it fresh. It really looks like I'm naked, oh, my god, even so. She's like man, I know she knows when we eat this mm-hmm, stop playing time out. You just saw.

I love you for this one. I love you for this one that you did that's. What I got you guys, I will replay the film I'll show you. I told you stop what you're doing right now and take your pants off. No take your pants off. You lost I'm about to get you all the way naked, too, I know how I'm going to beat you no I'm, not I'm, not getting naked on camera. Yeah, I know how I'm about to beat you.

I literally went naked, no, okay. You. Got clothes on guys, I already know how I'm about to beat her I'm, not even talking to you. Yeah. Okay. Hold on.

Let me turn my phone quick. You want a message. Why did you say I love you? No, yes. I can yes.

No. Stop. You're. Hunting. Yes.

You might as well. Take those off. You got underground.

Take those off. I quit. No, you can't quit.

I actually knew for a fact that I was going to be there by sending that text message, no that's. Not. Thank you. I love you.

I love you. You lost. You said, you quit already all right. Guys.

Let's see what you guys think about this video in the comment section below I thought it was pretty fun honestly, I wish I could have continuously, but obviously she lost some quick. You didn't even laugh. You. Why didn't I quit, but let us know what you guys think about this video comment section below make sure you guys like comment share to the channel? As always we love. You'll, see you next video, adios, guys,

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