I Made A Better Drag Clicking Mouse

This is baby to get the game over . Oh, my god, what I know this guy's rushing me, but imagine let's go let's, go, um, here's, scissors, you know, it should have been me doing this, but they sent all the stuff to you. You can do it. You should do it because most stuffs are supposed to be yours just open. It. Don't cut your hand, no you're, not, but I did, oh look still healing so bloody. Thank you.

Buddy. Oh okay, very excited. How did they even give you a headset? Dude, dude, this is not for me. Yes, it's its. All yours how much did you get with it that's? The real thing they gave me how much should we send you a mouse pad?

So you go. We see an IR, dude, nope, it's for you, hey, guys, what's up, it's, noob here, sorry, but no face reveal yet. However, I do want to give a shout-out to my vlog channels that I'll be starting. So if you want to see the full unboxing video and as well as the video of my gaming setup, plus how I got this keyboard from minutes I'll, be linking the channel in the description and as well as in.

The paint comments, so yeah, I'll be making some vlog videos. So, yeah, if you're interested make sure to subscribe back to the video, and today we're going to be unboxing the bloody eight bedless two, or you can call it the bloody a70x and um I'm going to be honest. Okay, let's. Look exactly. This is a bedless. And this looks just like the bedless like I already know since it's, um, a bedless, uh since it's, a bloody mouse, it's going to drag click.

But I do want to see if there are any differences, guys, bloody medleys. Bloody abilities too. Okay. This may be a sponsored video, but I'm going to go with my honest opinion. They look the same. Okay, what?

Yo? Wait hold up? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait that's. That's, not okay, yeah. I guess they upgraded the RGB and that's some easy 50 cps. If you guys can't, see, it that's, 50 cps, I think it's going to get like that's, 60 cps.

Okay, this must does track like somewhat better. They just got another built-in auto clicker to this I'm, just kidding. You're. So bad, it's, it's, the mouse boat, it's. The mouse it's the mouse, yeah, yeah, it's a mouse.

Oh, my god. This is so funny I'm just bad at this never mind. I just did it'm recording? Go away, dude, what bro I'm recording I'm recording I'm recording my bad mind YT is the better player. Yeah. He is there's. No one ever.

Oh, this muscle feels nice hate myself. Yeah, let's. Go. No seven. What guys we're just running to OG name when we're like recording, oh, yo, guys, bloody a70x and seven right here. Imagine if that guy is like my neighbor like imagine he's.

Just next to me, well, let me see let me see, so seven is white team. White team, oh, that's. Red team. Never mind.

Oh, we're going against talk. Crazy. Okay, that's. Fine.

All right that is clicker. Give me the power, oh I'm out of blocks. Oh, my god, no way. No way. No way. Let's.

Go guys. But this client power, you said, OMG, he said, OMG that's guys, bloody abandons, too bloody available too. Oh, my god guys, I ran out of blocks, and I had YouTube ranked. So I didn't like completely walk off. So on his perspective, I.

Probably jumped midair we're here in a game with the bedless 2. And I believe I talked about it earlier that this mouse does have a better sensor, which means I'm going to be doing no more garbage because not everyone can do like tell bridge. And they feel like people do want to see me garbage more. Yeah, guys excuses for no television. But guys soon I'm going to be making a video on getting consistent like mastering telly bridging. You know, it's, not like the not Nico mastered tele-bridging video, where. He thought he does to tell you, and he's like I mastered tele-bridging, you know, it's, not like that we're going to do something better?

Okay, we're going to do something better than this. Anyway with this mouse, it's, definitely possible with this mouse. We got uh, that's, yellow team over there we're going to let him like finish the bridge for us. Oh, that was close that was close like guys. This might be a sponsored video like I'm, obviously, like sponsored by bloody it's, kind of like come on this. Is bloody fed list to do this.

But I do want to go with like my honest opinion, like if you guys want to look at the outside like look bloodier, benders, uh, bloody, abandoned, bloody ambulance, too. It looks the same. Uh.

I can't tell if blue is perfect, or he's hot, oh, my god guys, please they're going to ruin my clip if they're just gonna keep like targeting me and saying stuff like this like I don't, I don't like being targeted that's, not good like why? Why? Man why? Man I'm confused and scared?

Yes, be. Scared man be scared. Oh, he's going to target me. I know if we trade bets, uh, I'll, be a bigger loss, uh. But yeah, on the outside.

It does look the same, and they've only made a few adjustments. So maybe, ah, this bug. Again, you guys remember the bug where you exit out the menu and then your aim is just shifted that's.

That's exactly what happened. He broke the bed for me, that's, good, um. I recommend you to buy it. If let's say, you're, a bedless texture has worn off, or you live in like the US. And you. Just have a lot of money, but like otherwise, if you already have like a drag clicking mouse there, there'd be no point in doing this. Okay.

And I don't know how people figured out that I'm like right here doing all this like because obviously they're all cross maps, they're, all cross map. How do they know I'm tell bridging like these people meant they're subs like they're, actually kind of sucks. I've also heard that if you don't live in the US, the delivery fee is very expensive. So you shouldn't. Also get it if you're not in like the US, let's say, your shipping fee is like 10 20 while the mouse is like 50 that's like one fifth of the mouse itself. And I don't think that's worth it.

You know, overall they just made the sensor a little better. So like your aim is a lot smoother you're going to feel like might boost your aim a little if you're using any of the bloody mice, because I believe the sensor is like better than the a-bed list or a 70 860. So it's, definitely going to have like. Somewhat of an improvement on like the aim aspect, but for me since I'm, not like a PVP player. I just feel like it's, certainly a lot better, uh since like I'm, just using this to tell you bridge. And I believe I've already showed you clip of how well it just boosted like my aim or whatever, uh, like I mean, I mean there weren't like those like sketchy, oh, oh, no, yes. Hacker.

What he just called me, yes, hacker. What that makes no sense all right? Guys?

I hope this clip doesn't, get ruined. I mean, Even if I lose this game, I feel like I did good on the demonstration like I showed you guys how well, oh, I didn't even garbage this game actually look at this. I didn't even get this. I was just telling you bridging guys. Furthermore, I couldn't, wait for like the day when I would like, actually, you know, be mastering this bridging method because right now, like you see, I can do it, but I'm, not consistent.

And I would never consider myself like that I'm like a master at the game, unless like I mastered this. Bridging message until like, I can do this as consistent as how it does for like. I don't know, god bridging. But yeah, should I fight him? This is why I play OSU.

This is why I play also guys that's. Why I play OSU he's saying, reaction time do you like? I mean, I wouldn't mind if I lose this game, but again, think before you spend your money on buying this mouse, okay, like I recommend like let's say, you didn't get a chance to get this mouse when I release a bad list.

Then maybe you can think about it. But if you already have track clicking mouse, okay, you don't. You don't have to get this it's, not worth. It. It's, literally, not worth it.

I know, I know you, you know, your boy is sponsored. But you know, there are things that you just gotta be a little more honest about like, especially like this. I mean, okay, I don't know, okay. I believe bloody or like, you know, the company that sponsored me, they wouldn't be happy. They probably would be like, hey, Ben, you're, not supposed to say that you should.

Try to get as many sales as possible. Yeah, I mean, I feel bad. Okay that wouldn't that wouldn't be the best thing to do. So like, uh, I would still recommend. Okay, like think like you need to consider do you really need this before you buy it?

Okay? Do you really require this? Um, okay. Let me see. But yeah, um. This is probably going to be a limited edition too.

I don't know, they're probably just like the eight bed list where it's going to run out. So yeah, just take all of this into like consideration. But I. Believe you might have like last time, a battle got sold out in like three hours, but then guys don't worry. Don't worry, okay, that's. Because the video got picked up as algorithm. I have no idea how well this video will do this video might probably just get like 10k views.

And then it's just going to stop getting sales. If that's the case you don't have to worry about it running out of stock, oh, no, that said, it guys bloody a70 versus a7. I mean, versus seven let's go. I mean, dude, this is such a cool name. Though like I really like the name from his, uh, like dude, if you're, I don't know, he probably doesn't even know who I am.

He doesn't, probably watch the video or whatever, but dude, if you're someone watching if you know, this guy, tell him to watch this video man, you know, just tell him that is really like your username. You have a really cool. Minecraft, username.

Man. All right. Anyway, guys, we're going to go in we're going to rush. Oh, shoot that's.

Not good. Um, please. I hope you didn't, buy a tracker that'd, be. Not good for me, you saw me. Did you see me? Although his name is an OG, but he isn't the best he does have a trap. So we're going to go up here, we're gonna wait for him to come out and that's enough, invincibility time, we're going to bonk him to the side.

We're going to come here, and we're going to break his bed. And now we're gonna actually fight him that should be an easy win with the bloody a bedless two. Oh, my god, guys, stitches.

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