How To Submit An Itd Request In Lausd

Good afternoon today, we are going to review how to submit an it request. I know that sometimes you may ask me, or you may ask Ricardo to help you with technology issues either in your classroom, or with your laptops, or connecting your document readers to your computers. And sometimes we are able to help and sometimes not, and you may have to submit an it request. So this is how you do it. So let's start here with this. Um, this HTTPS, the page 9901.

This site is for helping to submit a. Ticket so this is going to be a reference for you. You don't have to worry about writing that down right now. I am going to put these directions in our Rocco raccoon share drive under technology. So here you can look through here, but there are all kinds of email, help, um and different things that you can do there's also the phone number for the help desk. Now I will tell you that when I've called in recent weeks, there's been like an hour, wait, um for help there.

You can also chat live with an agent, but. You need to be had some time by your computer, or you're, not just interrupted to do that as well and that's also a long, wait, it may be better. Now maybe things are calming down a little with them. But here are some different topics. If you need it about mobile devices, frequently asked questions. So this is a good page for you to go to if you require more information all right so let's, go back here.

So when you submit, an it request you're going to start at this website, right here, Laud hyphen, MIT. So I'm going to open a different browser safari, and I'm going to enter that address here. So from here, I'm going to Laud hyphen, I'll, show you another way later, if for some reason you can't find that specific address, you can do a search, and I'll show you that when we're done here. So here you'll use your single sign-on.

Okay. So there are two different ways that you can find the type of service you require. You can either type something here in the search bar, or you can select from these. Categories here more often than not you are going to use school district office technology, because that is most of the equipment that you work with that's, what it is. So this is where you'll probably go the category you'll choose. And this is the request itself.

So in most cases, you are going to need something fixed, so you're going to be filling this out here. I require something fixed. What is the issue? Well from the drop-down menu, most the time you will select. I have a problem with my computer.

If you. Have that's for your laptop or desktop. If you have an iPad, you'll say, mobile device, if you have an issue with let's say, your document reader or your projector that would be your classroom equipment internet issues. You cannot connect or other technology issues.

But most of the time. This is what I select here. I have a issue with my computer, what type of computer it's either a desktop or a laptop. If that's the one that you select. And then here let's just say, it's, my laptop today. Now, the um here, I. Can do any kind of description, and you want to be very specific with the issue.

So if you're getting an error message like an authentication error message, then you're going to write that like lets's say when I'm trying to use Schoology I'm getting, you know, so, you know, maybe just writes to use write a brief message here. I get an authentication. So as detailed as you can be now even better than being detailed.

I mean, that's great. But if you can do a screenshot and attach a picture that's, a nice. Thing to do so like, when you get down to the bottom you'll see that you can attach a file. So a lot of times, I just do a screenshot, and then I'll just select, you know, one, whatever I have here let's see there's. My error message, okay, I'm not going to submit this. Because this is not a real request, but that's how you do it.

You can see there's that picture right there. Okay. So let's say that you fill this out I'm, not going to waste your time doing that all right is the device affected issued to you.

So. Yes, it may be. This is kind of new here. So sometimes like, depending on whether it's in our device management.

Some of your devices may not be. So if you say, yes, it's, checked out to me, and then you'll only have the option of the devices that are checked out to you. And if that does not, so every device has this tag that starts with Laud. So if you look at your tag number it's, not that then you may need to say, no, this device is not, and then put the tag that is. Okay, um.

So let's, yeah. So all your. Tag numbers are going to begin with Laud, whatever so there's where you type that in, um checks to see that that's your name, your default location, yes, because that will be Roscoe elementary. So that will autopopulate for you. Um. We are all on the first floor.

So you can just put your room number here. I would put 16., um, when should we send a technician? So you can put your preferences here, hopefully they can meet your preferences. If you do not want to be disturbed in your classroom and that's. Where your device is, then you probably at this point, if you're working here, you don't want to put before noon for the technician to come, you probably want to say afternoon now, keep in mind.

We do not know like what specific time they'll be coming, or even what day, so you'll need to have your device in a location where it's easy for the technician to find if you want to put a post-it note on it, you can do that you don't have to, but make sure that it's in place where they can find it when they come. So you'll, just select your preference here. I think the hours are somewhere between seven and four, maybe something like that when they might come. And then once you have all this filled out all your information, then you'll click on this orange button. I won't do that, because as we said where this is just to show you how to do it. So some things to keep in mind like I said, you do not know exactly when the technician is going to come also, even though ed is assigned to our school sometimes he's busy at.

Another school, and they will send a different technician. So it's, not always going to be ed as a person coming to help more often than not. It will be though, um let's see what else.

Oh, we said that just a reminder be specific in your request and leave the device in a place where it's easy, uh to be found. Okay. So that's that part so let's, go back here with the request. Oh, I said, I was going to show you one last thing and that's how to let's say you can't, remember that web address because it is very. Specific, um, you can always do a Google search.

You can do Laud, it, let's say, help desk that autopopulated for me. So I just hit enter. And then here from here, you go to the help desk.

You can see that it's kind of a different website there. But when you hit create a ticket here, you'll be in the same place. So again, your single sign-on, oh, I have my caps on so see that brought me right back to the same place? Okay? So also like I said before when you're at this help desk, if you want, you can call an. Agent, but you may be on the phone for a while, or you can chat with an agent again, you might be by your computer for a while, um and then there's the other create a ticket.

Okay. So I will be putting this document in the Rocco raccoons drive under technology as well as the screen. Recording all right, I think that is it. Um have a good day.

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