How To Replace Headlight And Bulb 02-05 Vw Passat Sedan

Brought to you by 1a auto calm your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet, hi I'm, Mike from 1a auto I hope. This how-to video helps you out and next time you need parts for your vehicle think of 1a auto calm. Thanks in this video we're going to show you how to service headlights on this 2003, Pas sat wagon, pretty much the same as any Oh 1, 203 Pas sat and the outer bulbs or the low beams are pretty easy to replace if you're just looking to replace a bulb, the inner. Ones you probably are going to need to remove the headlight. So we show you both replacing the bulbs and changing your entire assembly, because they cloud and fade or more get broken tools, you'll need to replace your entire assemblies. Our flat blade screwdrivers, both medium and larger size, t25 and t30, Torn drivers, 8 and 10 millimeter sockets with ratchet and extension and a Philips screwdriver. If you're looking to just change the bulb on the passenger side, you can actually remove these.

Three screws here and this duct comes out, and I'll show you that later as well as this panel pulls off, and you can access the back of your headlight on the driver's side, you reach kind of under here and pull out a couple tabs, ok. And this comes up and off. And then back in here, on the outer lamp, you remove this rubber boot, ok, and then just turn this counterclockwise. And this comes out, and that bulb actually just pull straight out and goes back in I knew when we go back in put it back in make sure. It's seated, and it clockwise lock it in place, put the rubber boot back over. Okay, then here you have a little door that pulls out and can pull up show you better in this light. That's removed. Okay inside there again, like the other side is a lightly.

Turn counterclockwise comes out bulb. Pull straight out of their replacement goes in most likely removing the whole headlight is the only way you're going to actually get to it and there's also another small bulb up in there, that's the same thing in. Order to move remove your headlight, you're actually going to need to remove the bumper cover and that's, not actually that big of a project it's, just a few fasteners. You've got a t25, screw that's right up in here. Okay, on each side.

You've got three screws, right inside the wheel. Well, they're there in Maya and then up underneath. You've got three flat blades. Screw one there, one there, and there should be another one here, but it's missing on this vehicle. Okay as well as again on this side, the three. Screws in the wheel, well and the one up top, okay. So music, t25, Torn driver, that's, a socket with fast-forward here as I remove the three screws that are in the wheel.

Well. And then the one that's up underneath I use the extension to get to that one as well as remove them from the other side. Now, using a flat-blade screwdriver, I, take the fasteners out from underneath they're, pretty simple.

They actually only turn about half turn and then pull down and out each part might push in. Okay. Here we're going.

To sort of screwdriver the back here, and you can pry you want to push in on the front of light and use the screwdriver to kind of pry it forward and then pull it out disconnect it and obviously repeat for the other side. Okay? As we open up, the hood, then there's, two more t30 screws, right on the top on each side of the top of the grill fast-forward here is I. Remove those two screws or bolts at the top. And then you'll see I go to each side and just kind of pull on the bumper cover and unlock it on. Each side and next you're going to want to remove this handle.

And right in here, you see there's a little metal clip, put a screwdriver down in there and pry that clip up. Okay. So you can hook up there. Then take your screwdriver, put it in and pry the handle cart and pull it off. I just reached in with my screwdriver, pry it off one side, pulled and then pry up the other side and pull that right out now you're going to Center. You see a little tab you prod back on that tab and lift your grille straight.

Up on each side should pop out one of the clips I'm just reaching down in here, kind of pry in this clip out. Okay, these clips should just pull right up and out this one kind of got hung up a little. So I just had to go in there in the backside pry like that. And with the grille off, there are four more t30 screws, right underneath to remove okay how follows our move slide forward. You want to be careful. There are your fog lights. If you have fog lights reach down in its have here and press.

Firmly and this cut then do the other side there are two t30 bolts on each side that you want to remove one here. And then one right in down here and then allow this panel to a little, okay and speed up the film here a little as we just remove those two bolts, your side headlight, which will show you there are four screws that hold it in place. Two very easy to see you remove this rubber grommet, and you'll see one right down in there, you'll need an extension to get to that one.

And then. You'll need an extension to get to the fourth one, which is right there between the radiator support and the duct that duct comes off fairly easily, pull off the back cover. And then there are three screws that hold the duct in place. And the duct will come back up and up, and I'll speed up here as I remove the three Phillips screws and then pull that duct up and out of place.

Okay, additionally, you'll want to disconnect. It. Right here, press on a tab press on the tab one hand, pull it off with the other. Here, we'll fast-forward again as I. Remove those four bolts that I showed you earlier that hold the headlight in I'm using a ten millimeter socket with a ratchet and extension like somebody coming over. Okay, know somebody from 1a auto, you can see very nice, clear better than the original ones and the headlights actually float inside the housing.

So just for some security during shipping the manufacturer, kind of wire ties them together to keep them in place. So you remove the dust covers cut three. Wire ties one large, one that's easy, and then two smaller ones that are kind of inside the compartment. Remove the wire ties, and you're ready to install the lights. Okay?

Once you have it in place. What you want to do is just start all for the bolts in. And then as you're tightening up, just kind of try and hold the light into the best position possible and then tighten, those tighten those bolts up, you want to tighten them, pleasant and firm. They don't to be too tight, though with the headlight. Secured back in place, I'm going to speed up here as we put the t30 bolts back in that, hold the front brace, and then put the air duct back in place, put the three Phillips screws that hold that in place in and then put that kind of vanity panel back up clip that back on take the motor back of any place you want to reconnect your fog lights, first, okay, put your parka light harnesses up and through. And what you can do is cover I don't want into place and there are slots. Here they go on the tabs here.

So. You want to rub this it up in place and snake sight on the side up in place. Okay? Once you have it in place, then you want to put the four t30 bolts that are at the bottom of the grill back in place and tighten them up firmly. Now, we'll take a drill and there's, four slots at the bottom.

And then these two tabs here and tab at the top kind of put it into place line up. The tabs are going in out in and again will fast-forward here is we put those two t30 bolts back in at the top okay to reinstall. This. What you actually need to do is unbolt your latch mechanism, and it's three, ten millimeter bolts hear hear. And here, this allows your black mechanism to move back here.

And so you take your handle kind of squeeze the forks just a little and insert it. Okay. And you can kind of look back through here. You need to make sure that clip is up. Okay, a little of a larger screwdriver and separate the forks and separate those Forks by twisting the screwdriver and then work the handle on there.

And then. Push the foot down and walk it in place, and you can tell it's in place when this moves around, and we could get an eye gear as I rebuilt that lack much mechanism back onto the radiator support. Okay and kind of speed up through the rest of the video, just in the interest to keeping it somewhat short. But we put the fasteners on the bottom and then tighten up the four screws that are in the wheel, well for the inner fender, and the bumper cover, and then the parking lights go back in make sure you plug.Then back in then kind of force them in further in front then force. Then the back side goes in and then slide the tabs back into place adjusting these lights. Okay, down on these through these access point, two holes right here. And actually here.

And here you can use a Phillips screwdriver to move these adjusters as you can see on this light that's out of the vehicle there's also, an adjustment point inside this trapdoor here as well as you can move these nuts up and down, you would loosen the. Fastener then move these up nuts and down to aim your lights as well. We hope this helps you out brought to you by WWE 1a auto calm your source for quality replacement parts. And the best service on the internet, please feel free to call us toll-free.

888 8, 4 4 3, 3, 9 3 we're, the company that's here for you on the internet. And in person.

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