How To Fix Bent Motherboard Pins On An Intel Socket (X99 2011-V3)

So you're in the BIOS and all of a sudden your computer freezes, whoa, you know, something's seriously wrong when your computer starts freezing in the files right? So if you're one of these people like me who had been motherboard pin this video might be for you. Welcome back to tech. L city, ladies and gentlemen, is Brian coming back to you guys today with a video on bent and broken motherboard pins. And what you should do if you ever come into this problem or this situation.

And now this video is going to. Differ a little too bent and broken CPU pins. If you guys, didn't know, AMD, they use pins, or they put the pins on the CPU, as opposed to Intel generally with their motherboards.

They have the pins on the socket or the motherboard. And so this means the big difference here is that if there's a broken pin on the motherboard, you mostly can't, fix, if you're out of luck, just hope and pray. If you do have a broken pin on the motherboard, just hope and pray that it is in a crucial pin, and it's needed in.

Order to work, however, the CPU on the AMD side, if there's a broken pen, if you guys haven't watched Linus's video, you can actually he actually managed to put get the pin the broken pin put it in the socket. And then put the CPU in there, and it still worked so that's. The big difference though for what it's worth I came into my x99 motherboard here in the background.

And when I first got it, it was man, Nelson serious problems going on. So what basically I was in the BIOS and things were crashing in the. Bios and generally, if things start crashing in the BIOS, you know, you've got a hardware issue. Basically.

So what I did in this case was the fact that it just freezes completely, and it did this in Windows as well when you get complete Fraser of your computer. Then what you want to do is you want to look at it, and it's most likely going to be the CPU because it can't even process, a blue screen of death. And so in this case, I took everything out I looked at the mean, I tried to all the other to. Stand troubleshooting things before I did it, but I then took out the motherboard looked closely at the socket and I noticed. There were two broken pins and one bent pin, and so I had to proceed to bend that per hour, the bent pin back. So before we get onto this, though I will say one thing.

And that is only done this as a last-ditch attempt for me. This is a review sample I had nothing to lose, so I did try to do this first, however, if I bought this as a brand-new product, I would have shipped it back for a. Replacement straight away. So again, only do this as a last-ditch attempt. You've tried everything else and you'll. Notice, you've got some bent CPU pins.

You can't, replace it. Then you might want to give this a shot, but for its worth I, managed to have AUD for x99 motherboard here already. And so what I did was I put these motherboards side by side, and then I could get a good real close. Look with macrophotography at the CPU pin layout. And that gave me a guide and I could see the two of the pins were. Broken through they were touching the other pins, so I managed to get these broken pins sort of out of the way. And then it took me about 15 minutes, but I slowly used this little pin here.

It's, just the wall pin with a little nice grip there, and I really took my time to bend the pin that was in the bottom region of the motherboard socket back to its original position. And thankfully, the two broken pins weren't, crucial I'm guessing, they were in the power delivery region of the motherboard socket. The. Bottom pin bent back to normal and everything works perfectly fine before I did the review I managed to get this motherboard. So I managed to give it a good run, make sure that this problem wasn't affecting anything anymore. And so thank God. It was working really well.

So in conclusion, all I can say is if you're going to try this seriously do it as a last-ditch attempt, and you've tried everything else. And then also while you're doing it really be careful really take your time for me as I said before. I took about 15 minutes to do this, and I bent, the pin at the bottom, pin back in, and I managed to get those other two pins out of the way for me, I was lucky to have this other motherboard here, where I could use it as a reference photograph. However, you guys if you don't have another mother boy, you may wish to get a picture off google of the socket and then just line it up and compare it. And so put all the pins back to normal if you can so yeah, that's about it guys. If you have any questions about.

Bent or broken, motherboard pins, and please leave a comment : section below if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up, and I'll come back to you guys, very soon with another tech. Video, bye,

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