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So no June 25 is not check out 20 on June 27 and check out 139 at 1299 and check out 236 dollars on July 5th, the man and check out the Mahoney 41 dollars. Hey, there guys it's me, pat and welcome back again to another vlog for today's video, I'm, super, super excited. I shared with us 100 in just one week, and then make sure to stay kayo up until the very last end of this video, because I will be giving out my first ever giveaway in this YouTube channel. So if you want to know more about all those things. Just please keep on watching okay. First on platform, like in Amit go would be this one.

This is called course, hero. So guys it of course, is a legitimate online learning platform. That provides course study resources. So in this platform, you can either be any of the following so number one students. And for the second one, you can be a tutor so such a tour, you can earn any time and anywhere as long as medical internet connection. So as for me like apply a host of a geek in a sanctuary towards a.

Platform at all super teetoyoma degree holders or my graduate students, guys is my high school students and below. So before anything else guys course, hero, tutorials a platform. So as a tutor, a main task, the difficulty would be complexity questions. So there are three categories and meetings number one would be helpful rating, which is when the student you answer let's say for actually guys, and there are three requirements.

So for the first requirement is a copy of your educational background. This can. Be your transcript of grades screenshots of grades, and then your college degree diploma teaching certificate or professional license or certification small and then katakana proves.

So in my case, NASA bonito assumes screenshot of grades Korean transcript of records goes from first year, college of all up until done. So third year college hall. So your new cinematic. And then for the second requirement escalation is unveiled. Government issued ID, my passport, driver's license, namely, small.

So in my case, all. You have to do is go to this engineering and technology and under mode. Likewise, doing some a selfie and then valid. So once you're done with all of those requirements guys, automatic says, we're processing your application memory. So once the Clinton nicknames start answering questions, of course, hero, tutor, dashboard so says, so hi guys, Sandeep notice at the course hero, tutor. Dashboard profile in foreign, plus programming.

Tapes would be nine dollars. Okay. So young nine dollars is a combination of base. Price which is a minimum telegraph per question. Tapas tank adds a student and six dollars. But as so number one question is too long and out of my knowledge, usually so afternoon is some questions.

You have answered. So as you can see here, guys in dashboard and the automatic and cash out, there would be two weeks for the process. And then ethanol is the second table. So as you can see guys at the night, having PayPal account activities, that's your first time, okay, so June 25 is then check out. Twenty.

Dollars on june 27 and check out 139.99 and then check out the 136 dollars on July 5. The man, I check out the nah on of 41. So as you can see, you guys kept capacity earnings fall from June 24, hang on June 30th, 24th and 5th and 67th 8th and 9 30.

Ayan. Automatic totally is 100 actually, Indiana, 100 100 guys, but enough time of withdrawal money today so withdraw money. So and then your payout withdrawal has been initiated.

They take one two days for PayPal to process your payment. So guys today is July, 31. And then pumas and again, seven thousand. So lastly, guys for the tips and tricks of medical issues. I know about this online platform is number one is always go back to the basics students. And then lastly, guys it's.

A bonus. One always keep in mind for me homework at the same time. So for our first ever giveaway in this YouTube channel guys in collaboration and in partnership, with course, hero, of course, Ethereum mechanics Satan. Number one is. And then this giveaway is valid up until August 31.

So. It makes next week or next week, or whatever but stay on, and then stay tuned. Facebook page, tutorials, parasol winners. And by the way would be 500 g, cash, maybe and along with that it's hero t-shirts.

So it's a winner long, though so stay tuned till I get inside on Facebook page. And I hope then I can get into some video because I really enjoyed sharing it to you guys and shampoo and enjoy couldn't be swimming platform. So that's it for today, guys, thanks for watching, and please do like and.

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