Guía Para Desarmar Una Canon G3110 G2110 Y Similares

And it had been let's see what we are going to learn to locate it easy when you come to master's degree, and you always start from the back. It seems to me that the canon is one of the most difficult pieces of equipment and to fix. It is easier is a brother hp, but this from sure it seems difficult for us because we have never done it. But now what are we going to do a plane and star? First we take out the back part from there.

We see little stars. There are little stars. These must mean something is that me. Have to put there are also little stars of expression. Ah, this just like this pressure, we have the plate in which we can see his life, black 31 10 after being maracas.

What normally goes wrong in a canon of his body me, hello 2, ah, to each one of the Welsh soul. Well that has been solved. Well, yes there I. So we have already done the review here is the door sensor something to be careful with this I, don't know what its fusion will be.

It has a spring that can be lost. And then we remove these hooks. With a hook, you have to remove the blue cover necessarily you have to open the caps to the other hook and that's it up to this section. Now here I think we are not training and something that has to be understood through the hoses come and go.

They connect up here, but this goes down. And here there is another hose to this is the air, that is, There is a hose connected below. And we are just going to be a little expensive to turn the decisive role, the Kleenex forward.

If we put it here, it does. Nothing Weiss if we don't do that work here is something you have to know you knew that here there is a mechanism that was the seedbed that normally with the hp we take out the destruction action. But here, sometimes it doesn't come out. Then the diet is easy second.

And that's it and that's it that they have released. Yes, take paper or try the great friend. Well. Now we are going to sacrifice a new one to understand and fix this correct.

What we are going to do first we are going to investigate why it. Did not turn on , ah, well, we check to add 8 volts, 24 2, 8 volts, AVN - 1, but the source I, don't feel the sun problems. They have tried another source.

They give us. We are going to do it, or suddenly a machine can make another turn between our altars much the same it's loose. Well, something is broken that's. Why I say that it has this proof I think we sent this to a site fix it too much is playing today. We're going to fix it ourselves we're going to find out everything.

We need to know about. Canon so far, what I can tell you, it's difficult, no it's, not difficult it's. Just a trick. It was under pressure. Ah. Now, we're going to open a new one, not even initialize. The one we haven't realized in canon that you don't need tap, cartridges, any cartridge help a cartridge and I put it in.

And it works it's. Not as hp. What he asks is to be seated. That is good. We already did we love them for an hour. We are going to disarm this one to see if it is true. What we learned this is a new lethal.

Ah, when. Some young people need to have a new guide, oh, and if this is difficult, I, just add what we have done, oh, that's, good and there. Now we are going to learn 10 whether to work this without scales. And if it works without scaling, ok, let's do this first we are going to discard. And this plate works or it doesn't work. We are going to change the brake.

Connect the source see, let's, go back. It's good because it's new and the same. Then the source is fine. But there is a lot to another function, chubby, volts. It.

Is connected here, 0.0 26. They make this multiple in the store there. They say, 8.4, just like the other. The source turns on when the machine is on the above was fine, then it is that they are wrong. Probably the only way to rule it out is we already know the flag they carry information sensors.

And in this case, look at them, this cable has a sensor. But well, here we take out the badge of noble ma. And now we are going to try it has a hook even I prefer that they come with their GA echo. And then the.

Solution that they have put in some machines is much better is the solution is good and learning is offline one if he is better 2 and let's go, no one, but he doesn't have to be able to turn on where he is 2 and not everything goes with. And if it turns on then and an error comes out, EP, 0, 3 that's, a traffic jam. And we pay as we see learning a motor at the door. So if Carlos can doesn't work, that's where we've seen that it continues to work without standard hp, also 13 and that we know bring Bus cap.03 el north 0-3 was behaves well with him and 2 if you are.

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