Goku's Fight With Beerus, Beerus Disguised As Monaka To Fool Goku, Dbs English Dub

Hey, chichi, when's, Roku, getting here. I haven't heard from him since he went out in the fields to work, you know, he's weird at parties, don't, forget. What happened at your birthday? You can relax. I figured boo would pig out. So I made him his own feast. I got a special order on a palette of sweets for Jack, wait and what better way to advertise than a man in a costume on the street, that's against the mascot I'm.

Sorry. Mr Satan for yourself. No never better for everyone. Hold on.

Are you really crying? Pierce and this are coming now, this is bad Monika. Because you didn't want us learning he's a useless weakling don't, wind him up, right if Roku finds out. I lied to him, it will cause me all sorts of problems. Hey, what's up lord beard.

Ah, you startled me, whatever since when is it, okay for deities to lie stop that Palma without that lie. We would have lost for sure aren't you clever, well, he is likely to lose his motivation to train he'll just be going through the motions all right. Mon aka. Let's, throw down. You must first do one trillion sit-ups for me only when you've done those will I let you fight he's, really doing a trillion.

If we'll sit-ups, dad into thinking, Monika can transform and swap him out for a real fighter. You want me to fight as Monika. You ready to rumble Monika.

I don't care do it again and do it right? We just want to do some light sparring with them. Why are you being such a stickler about this? We got it I'm, not wearing that. Uh, I didn't even know you could transform and your energy. Feels a lot like lord beers is now I'll put Roku away quickly. So I can be done with this asinine forest.

Now, be a big boy and go clean up your mess. Okay. Mr Monika controlling it. Watch out don't, get cocky that's enough. We don't want a friendly exhibition, destroying the city. Now, do we end up fighting you both did perfect. Oh, man.

Guess that's that too bad all the drama earlier made Monika black out, and he missed it. Uh, what's going on it's done. Thanks for shopping.

Let's. See. I got the pork at the.

Chicken, no that way, wow, that's. A pretty big buck. Why don't you ask king Kai, I bet he's seen this before it'll be okay, chichi you're, making too big of a deal out of this? Remember veg eta trunks has his big field day at school tomorrow, what's wrong. What's wrong with you. Sorry.

I'll. Go. Are you trying to scare me again? This says, you can take effect a few days after you use it in an excessive or unusual way, excessive huh, there's, no telling when that OFNI guy's going to hold the tournament. So I have to be. Ready that fight was hit when you were predicting.

His moves. You weren't just guessing, you can be a full-time grandpa, whoa, don't, say that I'll rest. Well, anyway, about Golan. I do apologize.

You got a lot of people talking in that auditorium. Thank you very much professor, which leads to my offer. So I just heard some fancy professor wants you to be his assistant or something uh-huh seriously, I'm, just glad nobody's hurt. Yeah, of course, you can stay as long as you need to. We've got plenty of room it's a. Good thing we have that hundred million Ginny for Mr Satan, or we'd be totally ruined. And I did say we should save the rest which we are for education.

Agreed, no offense. But I have work to do. Yeah, that's.

Cool. I trust, you can handle the baby food chichi. And if she cries at night just sing to me, no way, let me get this straight. You actually sing. Sorry, were you saying something, oh, I forgot to mention brush your teeth before bed with the baby toothbrush, using only water, no toothpaste. I've got a full. Day without exerting, my energy, it's, crazy, oh you like those stars pan.

If grandpa was feeling better, yeah, what's with the cold feet. You guys, well, whenever we tangle with these guys, it always ends badly, sir so fantastic. The plan doesn't change.

We tell the wife and kid they won the lottery. And the green guy that he's getting money back from the clap. How could you let this happen? You're right? Let's start looking we'll split up and cover more ground.

Look everywhere inside and out what the are. You thinking, those are out right now. Baby, dude, I don't trust that giggle . Okay, we're home, where's. Our baby girl, we figured she was sleeping under her bed, or maybe in a closet or some other little nook. The whole time at this rate she'll start flying when she's three don't, be ridiculous. Roku.

Hello. Are you there? I've got a package delivery for you see Monika, you think you could hold this for me for just a second all right? Let's.

Go, again, whoa. It's. Been at this space truck. I wonder what. Goodies you brought today. Wow, this thing is so cool, although if we do that Monika's going to be pretty mad.

We busted up his space truck. I thought we were going to die in there. Well, hope you boys are starting to warm up now. And if that water gets cold, oh, hey, ancient. Man, you thought you could get away from me that easily I'm disappointed. Oh, no. These good people have nothing to do with us.

I'm. The one you have unfinished business with, oh, I cannot believe how strong you boys are so strong. In fact, that. For a second, you took my press away say, I sure would appreciate it if you boys could come visit me, hey, where did you get that?

No? They've got my knockout I'm, really, sorry. You guys open it. So this is the superhuman water now that I have it.

The universe will be mine what trunks and gotten stowed away on Monika's vessel. Yeah, they were supposed to be back home. A while ago, you're, saying, it's, my fault. They snuck on board. I said, nothing of the kind you're twisting my word she calls me halfway across the. Galaxy for this, wait a minute taco, come on wait pot of food that's.

Odd. Nobody is supposed to be living there. But regardless I have to say, no, huh.

Clearly you have no idea how evil and dangerous this rogue is or else. You wouldn't suggest such a thing I could tell him how you drew a mustache on his picture. Hey, dad behind you.

Oh, I.

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