Giygas, Giegue, Gyiyg, Gigu; Pokey, Porky - Was Denn Jetzt?

Welcome to a little bonus video in quotation marks, I would like to enlighten you about something because it is about some names from the mother or 3. So there are a lot of things that were changed during the localization. And some of these names are the name of Geiger I'm here on the Wikipedia entry for the brand series, I actually did most of that, For example, I inserted the information about 864 or wrote the text at the beginning before that there were just too long explanations of the stories. The storage is always a lot too long, but at least they are now error-free is on one thing, namely, the name of Geiger you see here someone has apparently taken the trouble to write everything I wrote, but at the expense of the name of Geiger, and because he quickly changed it everywhere here, why had done it? No idea that's. Why there is even another translation called Geiger's I actually have no now coal changed the entry, but that has been an unsecured change for ages and changes have to be viewed. On Wikipedia before they are published so that you don't, somehow delete everything and then chatter, and that I can't make the effort to write again than a new one that it is also good in itself.

But somehow it will always remain an undirected change. So why am I even upset about the fact that it says so let's start from the beginning in Japan, Geiger only has income and that's Guido. And this name will be in your maxi.

So if you like Japanese with our letter there, he is written down as he is called. Here, but this is not a Japanese Wikipedia entry that he is a German. And then you also use the German name because in often you start with Kiki and in more often and Geiger. And if someone comes along and has no idea about this en Wikipedia, entry and left there goes, then he plays the games, and he sees against and Geiger, but the name never goes down that's. Why I think we should write the name of the character that the character also has in our version.

So we could agree on that. Now you could hold.Then or Geiger, I think that's it. Then the masses say, most say, Geiger, almost everyone says, Geiger in super smash, brothers, too.

If you take the Starman trophy, for example, it says, Geiger that's. Why I'm in favor of Geiger too are writing because then most of them also know what is being talked about here? Because neither in the Japanese version there, he is Guido so GE succeeded, if you will, he is not called express. He is not called. So why should one write away here that the official name of him is. There at all BT and a similar thing is also waited. He is mentioned, ok.

He calls him PPI and since Pokemon, well, there, I think you should stay with Pauli simply because that is the version that is used in / pass. And that is the official German version. So the name is found and open beginnings. And sometimes three were never translated into German, that's. Why you just assume the names are used as the official German names, most of them just don't change. I mean, I had back then in the 90s, when I was. Hasn't lived yet either, but it doesn't matter if I had to translate it into German on tape.

I would have left most of the names I had left it. Paula. Doctoral students. Apple kip pelt is enough, orange fizz monopoly that knows everything stay, but I would have written party there just because that was a translation error that it is called party simply because in Japanese Tokyo, I. And yes, you take stop there. Something you already know a word you already know me, yes. But actually it means party and I find.

It just too confusing for someone who just goes to the Wikipedia entry to find out about the games that then maybe let's say fun played, and he let the trophies' fiddler sparky. And then he plays the games and then stands against it and pukka. And here it is also in the Wikipedia entry that is way too confusing. I think we should just agree on using the names, the most of you know, and I think that after all, it makes the most sense because if you get it write Geiger and porky, most of you know who is. Meant sitting scion most of you know, and there was also a final boss fight in the super smash, bros brawl against pukka. And there Most of them only recognize you under this name, but as I said, it is not mentioned in any game, So don't name it. That's clear to me in the opening pack playlist.

It also says on ba2 goes Nokia shoe because it's just the Japanese name. And there goes a yes in localized name of the Japanese name is you can call it that if you name the Japanese title, but as I said, it's, Not here, the Japanese Wikipedia entry. So why should you say Japanese, it doesn't say there, either and drill and the FM and I don't do it. I mean, then he wouldn't have them either behind. He wouldn't have any idea Baku would have because in Canada know, internally is actually only from super smash, bros brawl, also the official name for him before that there were several names because you should put your own name there. The placeholders were next to it like something like back and Baku and know, yes. Those were that was the ones planned for him were.

And then you don't have to stand either, but people with an arrow idea, Many people also call it an idea, but that's completely wrong, It also looks so stupid, the name doesn't even exist yet, according to LY DE and just because in Japan, people often change Japanese to ELT doesn't mean that it's written led here. It has now been fully confirmed that it's written lull,, you're, great, smash, bros collapse, ideal ticker and beginnings to open in the. Trailer, it was also written that way. So no LU idea. And yes, this one here would have had to decide.

He also took with two. It is written in Japanese. So why does the Geiger take Japanese name and stay? Everyone else took a localized one that doesn't make any sense to me.

And if the question now arises, why were there two localized names at all, it's simply because the one used for beginnings is the room like fire was known under the name zero. What a localization should be there from the first time, Which then didn't make it onto the market. And then later, again for the watch was used. And since this translation actually didn't appear in the first place, the decision was made to completely rename it. And because most Americans can't pronounce, something like deg, they agreed on something that was easy to pronounce in English and that's. What came out of it Geiger and that's? How it stayed like I said, it's all a question of localization.

And as I've said, several times. Now, this is a German. Wikipedia entry and not a Japanese one, wait, where are the unsaved changes here? Okay, you can't call them up here somehow on the don't care if you're online with a pc, you could call it up on the top right for the unsaved changes from me on the other hand, I didn't, even notice it here, either holy Lola mountain that's, the Japanese name, the localization definitely says, Mountie for that doesn't need to be mentioned at all I'll change it again, now, but I'll. Do it?

Now not even later my version has. N't been viewed anyway, will probably never be, but you can call someone up. Yes, I just wanted to clarify that. So that there is no confusion until then.

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