For Kids: Why Do I Have To Wear A Face Mask?

Kids there's a germ out there called the coronavirus wearing a mask is one way we can help stop its germs from spreading and help keep everyone safe. Dad. Do you have your mask on?

I sure do mom how about you Milly? Yup, mom, let me pick out the color. I wanted. I even put one on my bear germs can get into the air by coughing and sneezing. So wearing a mask is one way that we can help keep everyone safe. There are other things that we do to stay safe too like washing our hands. We always wash our hands.

After we touch our mask or take our mask off. And you know, the happy birthday song, right? Sing, it two times that's. How long you should wash your hands. If you don't have soap and water, you can use hand, sanitizer make sure to put it all over your hands front and back let it dry don't.

Wipe it off it's important that you remember to wear a mask, two wash your hands, three cough and sneezes into your elbow, four don't, touch your face, stay in your own space and don't share your belongings. The combination of. Doing all these things can help keep germs from spreading. Everybody looks different when they're wearing a mask, but it's, nothing to be afraid of some of the nicest coolest people wear masks it's easy to wear a mask, clean your hands first. And then hold it by the earpieces loops go over the ears and make sure that your mouth and nose are covered it's. A no-no. If your nose is out have your mom or dad help you practice putting it on and taking it off.

Take the loops off your ears, fold your mask inside. Out and put it in your pocket or in a plastic bag before putting it in your backpack, then clean your hands after you've taken your mask off your mom, or dad will be sure to wash your mask a lot to make sure there are no germs on it, ask your mom or dad, any questions you have about wearing masks it's, an important way to help us all stay safe.

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