Fn Herstal 5.7 Pistol Takedown And Reassembly How To Right & Wrong Way

YouTube welcome back to my channel. This is Hank strange we're. Going to do a quick video today, how to take down the FN five-seven pistol? Okay, put it back together. This is what's recommended by the manual form FN.

Do you need to do remove magazine? Okay, make sure it is not loaded. Okay. So we checked not loaded. Alright.

Now, it's, pretty simple. What you want to do is hold the mags, the slide with your right hand, pull it back here's. The takedown lever. You want to pull this takedown lever here forward like.This is right, see, it's forward, okay, and you want to hold it forward, it's, a little spring, you did so you hold.

It forward, push the slide there. You go slides off. Okay. And what you want to do, you can remove your barrel there and spring and everything it's pretty easy. You really don't want to go that much further than this, because the five-seven has some tiny parts that once you've disassembled those, you pretty much correct here, five seven. And you have to send it back to FN to get it back.

Together for you so putting it back together, let's slide on bracket there, you go all right off safety. It won't fire without the magazine in there. So it's a function check.

We have to put a magazine in fire. It, yeah, that's the recommended way. Now what I'm going to go over real quick is let's say, you're in action, and you need to do this takedown and your guns loaded. And you want it to do it.

The unrecognizably okay, I'm putting in some snap. Zoom some a zoom. Excuse me, snap caps putting those in there. They.

Go snap caps. Alright, so put that in the gun we're going to chamber one all right. So now you've got a round chambered. Okay. You've got a magazine in the gun. You want to take it down. Can you do it?

Yeah, absolutely here's. What you do pull the slide back to take down lever, hold it forward, push it. And there you go comes off, right? There's the snap caps. And if you look in the slide here, you should see that little red thing right? There, that's a snap cap it's so there's, your magazine in there, snap caps. Inside now, we want to put the slide back on it's really easy, put the slide on push it down.

Okay, then you rack it. But you see this is what's going to happen. You don't want to run into this kind of issues that's.

Why you don't necessarily want to have run in the chamber? Okay, when you go to put the gun back together, you can run into some issues with that round, that's already in there. So you know, let's say, you don't have a round in there that you that round came out, you still have a magazine with ammo.

In it, you got your slide, no round in the slide. Okay, you want to put it back together. Okay, all right now we just have to Rack it in order to get the slide on so is one chambered? Yeah, there's one in the round, there's, one in the chamber so that's, the thing can you do it?

Absolutely? Should you? Do it probably not unless you have to got more videos to bake up? Remember? What I say rate share subscribe put me in your favorites. Peace out.

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