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Learners. Welcome to daily video vocabulary, episode 84 in today's, episode I have a new word for you. Prejudice let's find out what it means and how you can use it in your daily conversation. Prejudice.

Sometimes you have, or you develop a biased opinion about something without knowing its facts. The word prejudice basically means a judgment or opinion formed. Beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts, prejudice is a bias favoring or opposing something based on personal opinions and feelings. It means to prejudge or to make an assumption beforehand about something without understanding any actual facts. You usually judge people because of race, social class, gender, age, political, beliefs, religion and many personal characteristics.

For example, a manager who is of the opinion that women do not like to travel in their jobs would not select a. Woman for a job that requires her to travel this is because he has a fixed idea without any facts that women do not like to travel the word prejudice can be a verb or a noun, depending on how it's used in a sentence. When prejudice is used as a verb in a sentence. It has three basic forms. The present form is prejudice.

The past form is prejudiced. And the past participle is also prejudiced. Okay. Now that you know what prejudice means let's take a look at some example, sentences to see how you can use. It in your daily conversation example 1 the salesman at the mall always gets annoyed. When he sees children around, he has a prejudice against kids as he feels they're.

Just troublemakers example, 2, Mary told Peter the university that I studied in has no prejudice and admits students. Purely on merit basis example, 3 Samantha has a prejudice against fast food as she feels that they are not only high in calorie. But also unhealthy example for all the bad stories. She had heard about the new boss of the.

Company from her colleague, prejudice Sheila against him, even before their first meeting example, 5 Maria was prejudiced against buying unbranded and lower-priced cosmetics, even though they were clinically approved example, six in many countries, women feel troubled as they face prejudice at their workplace and are not treated at par with men example, seven Lisa is prejudiced against people who smoke and drink as she believes. They are bad. Influences example, 8 Samantha told her friend working with an. Organization that fights racial prejudice is quite challenging example, 9 all the employees are prejudiced towards Frieda as she is very good-looking.

They always favor her, even though she isn't good at her work. That's the end of today's episode are you prejudiced against anything? And why kindly share your experiences in the comment box below this video. Thank you for watching us. Do watch all the episodes of daily video vocabulary to better your English language skills do subscribe to our Channel.

And stay updated with all the latest lessons I will see you again tomorrow with a new word or a phrase till then bye and take care.

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