Dungeness Crab Legs On The Southwest Disk

This is the Southwest disk it's, very commonly used in a lot of a Hispanic community I saw this addict for a lot. A couple of months ago on absolutely enthralled life, it's like a giant walk almost and there's. So many possibilities of what you can do with the southwest is if you want to get one of these for yourself, we got the link-up on our website at the taste comm. So to start out today, we're going to deal with it little Denseness crab legs.

So we got the heat already onto here and I. Can feel it from where I'm at right now. So to put some vegetable oil in there, let that oil get heated up next step. Our oil is nice and hot we're going to add a mixture of garlic and onions minced up really nicely and get it all covered in the oil here off the disk, trying to get the oil spread out around the circumference of the disk of it. Well, sweet it off heat it up when we add our crab in just a little to our garlic.

And our on your L is going to add some of these dried chili peppers are. Going to add a pleasant little element of spice to our oil it's all these flavors infuse together before we have the Denseness crab legs, our garlic, and our items are getting nice and brown on top of this we're going to add some adobe Chile, which are sliced up, you can find it in your Mexican section of your drumstick store. And with this kind of fusion thing here tonight, Mexican and Asian we're going to add some garlic brown bean paste. You can find that in the Asian section of your grocery store.

What all these flavors kind of meld together with the garlic and the onion and those chili peppers, and in goes our Denseness crab, and these are going to cook really quick. The key here is to kind of distribute these and all the spices and all the flavors before we dump these in here, I took a mallet to the legs to kind of get them broken up a little. So you get some juices and the flavors and the spices and the garlic all evenly spread into that crab meat. The key here is just keep tossing.Then, and this is our Denseness crab legs from the southwest disk. I cannot wait to try these. You find the recipe on our website of a tastes pot, calm I'm, Tony brew ski.

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