Di Malaysia, Tiada Siapa Mampu Tandingi Johor Dt Dari Segi Permainan | Nadi Bola

Hi buddy, Hi I was wrong. Brother Shah took Ashraf. Good I'm. Fine. This is not South here.

Yes, stirred manhajul-haq Hi Ok. If the Nam formula is empty. But before we go any further about six blank, a recent development about the end of Athens Denmark, Maybe. We can do a little, hi, okay, good for blood. Sufferers, Malaysian football at around one o'clock in the afternoon. The team is 3-fold. How do we like it that we can all mark?

The right things like a bag going back to Kuala Lumpur due to his mother's. Unstable condition, this is the busiest thing to worry. About., Let's pray that everything goes smoothly and the assets to that we take are as many as reaching nah More players before traveling to this stadium can also be selected in the first half of the birth I had asked the assistant, practicing Owen briefly earlier at the biomagnetic media trial, because of the morale of players 4 before starting it's already a bit disturbed that he doesn't become That's, just one reason, But after 15 minutes. This was the first formation, and the players seemed nervous with not enough ministers, ready to order. The troops that had been around for a long time.

HAI made Raffia, yes, The John Daryl line of stars was reverent. And on that rock, well, they died easily. 60 Above The scoresheet was S5 stars.

But the team's formation was all way past 1/2 game at the start of the League this season due to the squad's reluctance to spend big on this team, which was confirmed to have missed the group training session. Last night, I raised you at where in the arena. And suddenly there is information that was previously not filled with the same quality as Captain Taylor Regent made a big impact to sue mustard United against his troops. The structure of the organization is quite neat, Okay m60 too much to say, But, I prefer to look at this elements, Behind, the media session, You also met with Nah Origin, I'm, good at martial arts and I also want to admit that it's shared because in Into HAI, football, OK, v-cube, too. See inside, I was given the opportunity to see, first, USTA, middle class, finals, here. And the second winner, is held as follows and I haven't seen it this season, so I'm, well, supervised by the perfectly organized style of his house. And if I ask him a lot of memorabilia, there is this the most structured Hood squad in the club's history of change and in his fit can make him flinch in plain white previously.

He gave the opposite answer, but Century also Om admits that it's easier. If we. Don't control the ball and also with ball control, if we flank, which will be no over and over live when there is possession of the ball without possession of the ball, lighten the burden of the task as Mobile defense structure can modem Hi, KAL, yeah, save it with ISO adhering, is it already Sympathy??

Hi, Okay, there's, still a lot in the morning, but don't forget me tomorrow and also, hi okay. Banyuwangi is huge. Thank you call to HAI meek.

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