Cuanto Vale Mi Penny Con Letra D

E, I, don't, live. Hello. Hello. How are you welcome back to your channel? Your numismatics channel with hunter Texas?

If you are new, if you are new around here, you are visiting us for the first time, I, invite you to subscribe to the channel. And that we talk about numismatics about ex Nubia. And it is not affiliated. Those are the topics that we address the most here. And today we are going to talk about whether the letter on my coin is normal. Many people have asked me on the channel about hey, look, I have.

A coin of a penny with the letter of, hey, notice that I have a coin with the letter. S, notice that my coin does not have a letter. Well, we are going to try to solve a little of your doubts about this topic.

Obviously a lot of people already know it a lot of people already. She is used to what I am going to say here. But there are many new people who are starting out in numismatics.

So we are going to give her a hand with this video so that she can identify a little if it is normal or not that it. Has the letter or that it does not have the letter its dread penny to give an example. We could say it good.

So that many people know the cents of the Lincoln sense they were minted, mainly in 3 minting houses for what the letter d is for the cents. They are minted in the house of Denver. Hence, the letter d from there. We also have those with the letter s that were minted in the house of San Francisco. And for all those who are surprised that the penny does not have the letter is that those cents.

They. Were minted in Philadelphia, the pennies that were minted in Philadelphia do not bring dry attention only in 2017. It became the first year to mint a pen and with the letter p, because it was in recognition of the 225th anniversary of the obviously Philadelphia mint that was celebrated from 1793 to 2017 for that reason, the cents of 2017 have the letter p from then on if your cents do not have a letter. It is that they are normal from the mint d. And Philadelphia turns out well, there are pennies that.

Stopped minting so to speak, just like the house of San Francisco stopped minting, normal circulation pennies in 1975. And from then on it only dedicated itself to minting groove pennies that we call here cents test, but that's, what everyone thinks look I'm going to give you a piece of information for all of us who say to see the coins of the San Francisco, mint, yes, I minted cents of normal circulation, but I issued them without dry in the years, 80 just look at what the data is what it is to start. Studying what it is to start reading in the 80s, the San Francisco house helped Philadelphia with production. And this is not the first time that this is seen since also in the west point mint in New York in the 70s. He did the same if you want to know more information, I can provide it to you. And there you go the San Francisco, mint helped Philadelphia of the year of 19 78 to 1983. And the west point mint also supported Philadelphia with the cents in the year from 1976 to 1979 and nothing more than.

What you can learn by studying and reading, right, the data is there, The information is there, and obviously I also want to tell you that we have more mints. But obviously here I focused on the pennies, but let's mention all five quickly. We have Denver with the letter d. We have San Francisco with the letter. S, the pennies that don't have seas are from Philadelphia. We also have in the house in Carson City, which is a house that stopped producing a long time ago. We have what is west point in new.

York', and we also have the mint of new Orleans to mention then so that all those people who have these doubts and more than anything in the combs in the cents in the Lincoln cent that do not have the dry, or that has a letter that is normal. You get to see errors there are you get to see several variations there are errors, but for that or I, invite you to buy a numismatic guide I am going to leave a link in the description of this video where you can buy this book through eBay without paying. Shipping there are people who sell them, which is normal here. No one is judged. There are many people who sell them and apart from that.

You have to pay for shipping I. Think that right. Now, this book is around 18 dollars. And it is useful for coins from Canada, coins from Mexico and coins from the USA. This is going to be a very important guide for you to follow your collection. And you can check errors because errors also come in. These guides have variations, and you can actually realize the current value.

Of your coins. Well there it is. There is the data there is the information I hope. It has really served you well for all those people that is starting if your coin is not another and dry or is not there. And no letter is completely normal. It comes out unless it comes out of 2017.

So that if you find a penny from 2017 without the letter p, well, you give it to me and well that would be all from my side. I say, goodbye have a great day. You know that I never leave a video without first inviting you to our. Facebook groups if you are a collector, and you like to buy and sell, and you are in USA, I joined the say, numismatics group. And if you are a collector and want to show us your photos your images, or you have doubts questions and want an answer among the numismatic exhibition group where there are many colleagues like you who are learning.

And if you are a lover of cents of tennis I, invite you to enter the group of penny mania sale. Well, I hope you liked the information. And if so let me know in.

The comments and we are talking in the next video, your friend and server Colin says, goodbye until the next video .

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