Cours Scan Doc+Déposer Smartou Tablette

So here is how to scan a bubbled document give to the students so me with my printer, I have an application on my tablet that allows me to scan with my tablet or my gesture, so I clicked on scanned with camera. So you see the numeracy scanning is done I cropped, what I wanted to travel cropping, what I want the student to see then when it's done there is only to record that. So here is the view of that. So here I go save it, and I'm just going as usual to put a name a little more explicit.

So I leave the. Date and I put, for example, courage 3 and extra. Then there the application you ask where you want to save, then you see that the application created a hp, smart folder. So I'm going to choose this folder to play and save my scans. Then I have to communicate it to the students, so I'm going to open the smart school application, then as usual to add documents meets. You have to open in the browser.

You select the court for which you want to add. This summary scan, obviously we go through documents. And each. Time management, the greenest yes than before I decided the folder where I wanted it to appear. We click on several files, select the file. Then here I will decide browse since the scan is not in my photos. But in a particular folder, I decide the scan in question, and then I click on upload the file.

And then when the telex file is beautiful, I, just have to either be registered or registered is notified I remind you that to notify the students receive a notification, and we will see a little of the. Visual of the student. So here is when he will open the document what they see.

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