Canada Pnp 2021-No Job Offer & Only Clb5 Required

Hi guys, this is Vivian from av, lucky immigration. And thank you for tuning in. So today we are going to be explaining the new provincial nominee program from new Finland of Labrador. This is called the priority skills.

The priority skills process is intended for individuals who have work experience in occupations in demand in new Finland and Labrador as well as number two for those who have a high level of education and language ability, and who wish to express their interest in either staying in or. Coming to the province and becoming a permanent resident of Canada. So we have those currently expressions of interest are being accepted from these people. Number one individuals who have worked in a specialized high skilled in-demand occupation for at least one full year in the last 10 years, a list of independent occupations can be found on the website of the government of Newfoundland. And the most up-to-date listing also is found in their website individuals.

The second one are the individuals. Who have completed their PhD or master's degree from memorial university within the past three years in the following specialties, technology, healthcare aquaculture and agriculture? So the priority skills require the completion of a questionnaire, which is being scored and the applicants who exceed a minimum score of 60 points will be accepted. And their information will be viewable by the staff and local employers who have accounts with the office of immigration and multiculturalism in new Finland.

And Labrador the candidates who have submitted their expression of interest with the highest course and who have received the most interest from the local employers may receive invitations through priority skills to submit an application to the provincial nominee program without a job offer take note. It is without a job offer. So what are the eligibility criteria?

All candidates must have number one, a language proficiency result. So the language proficiency result or the test should be valid within. The last 12 months 12 months, not like the other program in the express entry that is a higher, and it should be bench benchmark. CLB level.

Five number two, you have to be at least 21 years of age, and you have to intend to live permanently in new Finland and Labrador. And you must also be in demand, academic candidates, if you have completed your PhD or master's degree from memorial university within the past three years in the following specialties, like technology, healthcare aquaculture and. Agriculture the in-demand work candidates must have worked in a specialized, highly skilled in-demand occupation for at least one full year in the last 10 years, you can see and check the in-demand skills of work in their website. Please note that not all candidates who meet minimum eligibility requirements will receive an invitation to apply. But if you are competitive enough, we recommend that you join, and you express your interest.

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