Best Of Quarterback Workouts At The 2020 Nfl Scouting Combine

All right, Justin, her on-field drills are complete at the combine would you see danger? First start off by learning a four six eight, I mentioned these corner routes a little earlier, get a chance to see them. Now watch how easy this just comes out just an explosive arm from pervert.

We've been talking about him just letting it rip let it go. And on these corner routes, we got a chance to see him do just that hang on your back leg. Look at the air, get it up there just it's, gorgeous balls. You see him again, drop back a couple hitches on that one a real tight firm ball, rich. There got to cut you off nose as deejay was talking about a lot of times when you watch Herbert, throw it's, almost like he's, aiming, you know, we only say is a quarterback. You just got to get back and let it go.

You got to trust yourself and let it go. But a lot of times it looks like he's. A man you saw that on that first slam he's like aiming, you know, Kurt Justin Herbert never took a snap under Center in college. And. So this is all brand new for him as well as this for a lot of these guys, the ability to get your weight going back and get set on the top of the route because you're talking about shotgun leading to obviously this non-playing season beginning of this 2020.

Combine nice throw there by Herbert Justin Herbert has been much more comfortable really pushing this ball down the field current. You see him starting to let it go a little down there. Yeah, I mean, I think this is where he finds his groove where. He's not worried so much about the footwork and those types of things, and he can just kind of set and let that ball go, but you're he's, just flicking his wrist.

Curtly, just laying it out there. Normally we talk about 42 to 44 on these go routes he's, letting it go a little farther than that to show off a little, but love work out in the next group. And you've heard his name with Indianapolis, well, if they go out and get Philip Rivers, a Tom Brady, maybe that changes their plans for what. They're going to do where does Hubert go water will another team be open for business and is there anything to the Borough Bengals scenario, that's a nice, throw by Herbert right? There, sir Mikey wind-up.

You've heard his name, you know, mentioned prominently with the dolphin. So it is like the Miami Dolphins Thanksgiving will never be the press conference for the Egg Bowl is Herbert again, a little trying to guide that one just let it go man, let it rip that was better that one's better you're, always. Looking for that turn over to right, we say on these deep balls, you want to tip your shoulders, and you want to throw it up in the air with the same follow-through. So it gets that turnover like a punt that last one was pleasant.

Some of these are coming out too flat that struggling to get the turnover. You know, there were probably a number of things and shoot I thought. They played a big, exceptional defense in nineteen well, that's a great allied for a good quarterback play. But clearly 54 miles an hour.

Justin Herbert 60 in certain parts of Indianapolis, a 10-5. And the broad jump took the man lettuce ISM today, Charles, Davis, 36, Aires, birth and that's something that earlier on a drill it bounced to the receiver because he's trying to be measured, instead of just letting it go just getting back and let it rip audience. Just , they're, all YouTube, you know, Curtis I was talking about this earlier.

Yeah, I mean, these quarterbacks are taking their time to throw that slant. Now if you're playing with me. You take your time we open it with those linebackers that's, a headache anniversary of Tom Brady in the old. It could have been though Hoosier don't back down, even if it was the article great job, Galen, Hurd's, Galen hurts. You know, a lot of people Bucky Brooks are as somebody that's. You know, you, you might have something with him, I think he could come out of this thing when it's all said and done, he what he can do as a playmaker, and you're seeing. Now he can really spin the football he's got some.

Things to clean up, but there 's's, a lot to work with there. Galen hurts is interesting to me. You know, the issues that Galen hurts has sometimes his vision and anticipation, which you're not gonna really see in this setting. But we saw the athlete that he is, and you see him, throw the football. The ball is live.

It jumps out of his hand and watched him go through the drop right here. Kerr I think his feet. When you stack him up with the rest of the guys up, there looks pretty good I. Don't think. There's any question that his feet are better again, watching at the top, not relaxing, not coming up, but you're, right?

I mean, the biggest thing is this kid is an athlete. He reminds me a lot of a Russell Wilson type player that it's a little of a gamble there, potentially Herbert doesn't have any of those issues. So if it's close, if you have those guys very close, I, think I have to a pretty good bit ahead of Herbert. But those are the type of discussions that are happening with these teams.

Yeah, I. Mean, I think, that's the tape of him earlier this week and just thought man, if there were no questions about health man, it was neck-and-neck with him and Joe and I could see a lot of guys go the other direction. You just start to wonder. Kurt, wait, did you have elite quarterback hair? When did you front perfect?

You know, that was not one of our blessings' menu, rich never had that that elite quarterback here's. My excuse me, I had flow back in the day, sir really, yeah, like a lead quarterback here, elite. Actor, okay, okay and I. Can't, wait to see you giraffes, Galen Hurd's. We've got it.

We've got to get to side by side because people were, and I think he wanted some time really to evaluate there's a lot that goes into not just the physical stress of it. But the preparation of the grind of six months of doing and boy, do you need to be accurate for this? Throw I? Guess - is Galen hurts for him today on the field.

And all these as well, ran a four five, nine frog jump with ten five vert, 35 inches. You were. Saying, Justin Jefferson to add the tape that we've seen to the 4:43 that he officially ran that is quite a night. So far, here's, Jake, Fromm of Georgia Curt have you had a chance to study from I have watched him. And you know, I think we talked a little about a DJ - is that in control who knows what he's doing is he Fromm interesting enough, alphabetically after Season, prompt, doesn't have a big arm rich, but you will see with him timing anticipation he's had this same on his whole life. So he knows. How to navigate around some of those concerns get the ball out, early nice, catchable ball, I, don't think he fits every team, but I think there are a handful of teams and I lift teams kind of at hon the West Coast.

You know, play inside I mean, I, look at a team like the Atlanta Falcons to try and get somebody to sit behind Matt Ryan for a couple of years. Maybe with the payoff down the road and I would imagine it would give me something why off now that I served them that meter out of my mouth gate, I. Understand you're standing at the hometown College Atlanta makes sense to me. You look at the Raiders, you know, if they wanted to stay with there, one of them. And if they are and let's say, they decide it's a marriage right?

They said, decider, the bat-diamond rare company. I was going to guess Vincent Jackson. But I guess Vincent Jackson. You got to be close. We ran a full jack just say, you ran a four six by that much get smart phrase problem underthrew that one a little hurt I used to.

Cheat this thing I had such a noodle arm. Man, I had the quickest five you've ever seen, and I just popped that thing up as fast as I could. But we always say on the deep ones early, but there is always better, but feel for how they spit the ball Jake, prom, Georgia, pulls it off. Here's, love, son. His feet. Look, pretty good Kurt for they all haven't done a ton of it.

You know, I watch it. And the big thing is I don't want to see his feet ever come together. You know you when you get to the top of the top you.

Want to see that base are you staying a passing position? You see right? There just a little push small little hit of March eighteenth or something that is correct.

So we're going to be having free agency coverage coming up short order. And that comes out nice. Jordan, love saw Matt. Patricia's comments after it was discussed that Matthew Stafford might be tricked. Yes and his stance on it versus what we've heard from the Raiders they're, correct that's. My that's, my point, hey, DJ, yes, sir with the Jordan love. Are you talking about him moving up is he a guy that plays or is he a god assist back and allow him to develop and mature a little before you throw him out there, he's a red shirt for me, Steve I'm, a red shirt him for a year and work some things out and develop him with the big payoff, I'll lose that intensity.

We've never needed love more than we need. Love. Nice. Huh? Right? Throw Jordan love. Let love rule Ian's report that you're looking maybe top ten for Jordan, love, I mean, it's, not the.

Crazy Ivy's, my 18th player coming into the combines. These needs Steve outlined, yes, you can fill one of those other ones early. And you can swing back around for some of these wide receivers. They also have some office alignment on their roster who are not agile who are not the type of office alarm in the math world likes to use in a running game.

These are guys who are heavy lean. They lean on you a lot. They are guys with Swift feet. Furthermore, they aren't like the Rhine Khalil's. These are guys who are really.

Stiff and hips, the Cleveland who brought up the Cleveland Browns coach said, he was just about the telling that until I came in during the broadcast over a half-million dollar and passed that threshold. And we are about as we're sitting here about twenty thousand dollars shy of surpassing. Last year's record, total already, just one night into the combine that's phenomenal. So whatever you stainless Jordan love, he is a fun player to watch fascinating evaluation, the different Proctor's.

Specific apparently there's some floating Princeton Proctor's out there. We do show up in the ice room, keep an eye on you. Well, we just got some official forty times and two of them officially faster than the unofficial times that we had Devon Duvernay of Texas and Memphis's, Antonio, Gibson sub, four, four, four, three nine for those guys, guiding it and doing other things early because when he does, he is something special. And one thing I do like about what he's done already weighed in at 2:36 I think. He should be 240 or beyond to make sure he has enough body armor on him to take the hits in the NFL and a Spade, stay checking out.

Peters, Tigers guy, Jacob, Season. Alright. Now, here's, the deep throws that Peter Schrader was telling us to keep an eye out for Jacob Season. He used the rose used the word to Chris Rose used the word howitzer, and I was talking to a pac-12 coach yesterday about him.

And the first thing out of his mouth was that dude has a howitzer. And then we started talking about him and. Some things he needs to work on some, you know, see him move around. And in the pocket, a little more feel pressure to be a little better and more consistent with his touch and accuracy, but arm strength wise, this is top-shelf.

You want to have the ability to five quick, hitch ball out before they turn around you're throwing it, because they should be coming right between those cones right back at the quarterback. So you see the back of the head you let it go with a nice little touch, but firm. They should be snagging it out of it that's.

Why I receive the guides also I want to sick I come out of this break and I want to see his foot placement when he catches the ball. If he still has one foot in front of the other. That means he has to take a few more steps before he can get turns I'd, correlate to a three-step drop a five-step drop and so it's. The when I start with young quarterbacks, it's, always like I'm, always going to start them under center. So they can start developing that clock in. Their head on the timing of the routes on the outside. And you see that often with guys that are primarily in the gun is they lack timing, because they never develop that timing in their head to know, this is when that ball needs to come out on a curl or on a deep corner and that's.

Why it's so important to start guys under the center and be able to correlate that stuff and develop that timing that we always talk about that clock in our head, then I'm fully with you these throws down the field have. Been much, much better than there aren't any stuff. Well, Clay pool, we just saw on that route there. And it was a great report from Kim Jones, giving the backstory of Chase Clayton, Jack, Android, NFL, Network, researcher extraordinary to my love just handed me a note Daniel since 2003, only two wide receivers have come to the combine measured at least six foot, four, weight, 235 pounds and run the dash in under four fives. One of them's got to be Calvin Johnson and the others chase Clay pool, Wow, that's.

It. Since 2003, you know, how many times do you watch a game, and you're like he's going to get hit, and he gets hit and sometimes that's troubling if it's quarterback that doesn't know, a man's unblocked and I think it you Joel whole season, watching burrows I think Jacob Season would get ticketed two miles an hour.

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