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It's gyro time, sorry to burst, your bubble, but it's pronounced zero, which works better with your bad joke. Anyway, Patricia and I went. Thank you for stopping by actually we're about to go on a trip to Greece I thought. It introduced the cuisine to the kids before we left I, really like your gyros. Zero gyro, g0, pretty sure it's, gyro, old-type, kids, autopilot, engaged.

Next stop Athens. Grandpa. You got a second chopper, I, don't know who that belongs to sure like that paint job, though, oh, you are not about to.

Jump our chopper that's it. These guys don't know who they're messing with okay that didn't quite go as planned who are those guys. And where are we I'm almost positive that it's definitely not Greece.

And nobody comes between me and my gyro, these guys, don't know who they're messing with, oh I'm, locked out. How is that possible? I demand to know who you are under guard? Seriously you guys are just do your best. Well Steve looks like a record-breaking crowd here to witness.

What is undoubtedly. Going to be an explosive Battle, Royale, that's, right bill who doesn't enjoy the spectacle of two fearsome opponents facing off many, a many for the legendary status of champion. Welcome, Mr. Tennyson to the arena. You have been given the honor to fight in the glory of battle to decide who will be named champion, really doesn't feel like an honor.

Our esteemed host is apparently taking his seat. What a thrill it is to be sitting here in his presence. Look at that physique God. If you say so Steve, gladiator, Hey, hey, hey, barely hos get so attached, whoa, slow down. There, Bucky, not sure where he thinks he's going right bill.

You are aware that we're all being held here against our will yes. Haha. Yes. I'm afraid. There is only one way out of here.

I think I've had just about enough of this place. I would hold off doing that you're going to need all your strength very soon, especially if you wish to see your family again, meat, sizzling, wow, that's. When you hit it with another layer of meat, you see when what your.

Generation doesn't understand about meat is that meat is the backbone of our culture grandpa's bring it on well looks like the kid has a little fire in him after all a reunion with her precious. Family will be entirely up to you prepare to meet your challenger. Ground reactions are first he's, big, he's, bad, he's, iron Wow. That is some impressive armor that magnificent piece of hardware was a generous contribution by our fine hose I have to say, Steve, that seems just a little unfair Oh bill let the. Games begin tennis looking a little shaken. Oh, snap folks.

We got ourselves a fight you.

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