Assassins Creed Odyssey Unique Weapon Locations - Part 1 - Best Weapons And Items Everybody Missed

Welcome back everybody today I will show you some of the most powerful weapons and the unique weapons in the game weapons. You cannot obtain from looting cannot obtain from blacksmith. There are up to 15 weapons, which are so unique and rare that most of you may just dismantle them because they are just epic. But in fact, they are incredibly powerful. So stay tuned. And watch this video if unique weapons, I mean, there are certain restrictions when you go to the blacksmith, you can, for example, not.

Engrave critical damage on a bow, or you can not engrave some defensive engravings on melee weapons. But there are some items that have these engravings. The two most common weapons are the oaken both chambers and the Spartan javelin. You may know them already, of course, the oaken bow of chambers is one of the best bows in the game. If not the best at all, and the Spartan javelin is one of the best melee weapons in the game.

This was part in javelin. You can achieve 100% melee resistance with any set you. Want, but there are a lot of other weapons with amazing stats and unique engravings and I will show you all the locations right now in the order you will find them in a new game. Plus the first weapon you come across is fairly early. You can obtain it while still being on Catalonia. It is part of the LP Northwest line.

So LP noir will send you on the small other Island next to Catalonia wares or disorders. And you are asked to obtain the Shroud of Penelope after finishing the task, a Pilot Noir gave. You, you can actually get the Shroud of Penelope yourself that is only a rare item. But it is the only headgear in the game, which has 10% critical chance. So the normal 10% Christians, not to 20% full health.

You may ask now why should I keep a blue item? Blue items are only rare. They are bad.

I have fewer engravings, but that's, not really true. What makes items good or bad? Are they engravings? So if an item has outstanding good engravings, even a rare item can be much better than a legendary or an epic.

So. It is really useful. If you have 10% critical chance, 10% critical chance gives you 10% on any health level. So even if you got hit, you have 10% more chance to do a critical hit. So that is very powerful. If you stack on these 10% instead on relying on 20% on full health.

So you can make an amazing build with a lot of 10% instead of using the full health. And you could always deal the critical damage. Even when being hit on top of that, blue armor pieces has the same number of engravings in any. Legendary armor piece.

So that makes this item as good as a legendary armor piece. You only miss out on the armor set bonus from the legendary set. But that is, in fact, only one additional engraving. So using the shot of Penelope is as good as using a legendary head and not completing the set when you are done on Catalonia, you will head to maker.

This fights a battle meet your father and then head on to focus. Your father will give you the nickel our sword and the helmet as a crest item. This helmet can. Be brought to focus where el piano is waiting for you.

And when you present a pin or the helmet, you will actually get the world's helmet by yourself. And the wolf settlement is our next unique item. It is the only headgear in the game that has a health engraving on it. So we can normally not engrave health or armor on headgear there's, even an older version of the wolf's helmet, which had warrior damage health and another warrior damage engraving. So that was a unique one, and they changed the.

Second warrior, engraving to a critical damage, engraving, which isn't bad. It is still a great item. But of course, the first one was unique. But sadly, that is not obtainable anymore. The next item will take quite a while you have to complete the main storyline until you are in Argos. You will meet hypocrite s for the first time he will give you a quest where you have to assist him finding his notes for healing his patients.

But when you head to his assistant who want to give you the. Notes, he is presenting you with some additional quests. You can just skip them and knock him down in the face and bring him back to Hippocrates and finish the quest line in less than five minutes. And you will be rewarded with the healers braces. That is another blue item. Another blue armor item as I explained to you already blue armor items are not that bad compared to legendary items. But these are the only bracelets in the game with fire damage.

So when you use these braces, you are able to get. Over 400% fire damage. The next one on the list is our ghost priest mace, which is really not a big deal. So I will make it short. It is about the quest a heart for a heart where you are requested to bring the bull heart and to rescue one of three people it doesn't matter, which you choose, you can choose the girl, the woman or the farmer.

It really doesn't matter. You will be rewarded with the Argos priest mace. The Argos priest mace is the only maize or melee weapon in the game that has adrenaline on. Headshot, but since adrenaline, engravings are not really powerful.

This is just a side note. And you are really fine with just dismantling it. When you are done with Argos, you can head forward to Mykonos.

They are rates you one of the best side quest lines in the game during that quest line. You can obtain the Spartan javelins, probably the best melee weapon in the game because it has 30% melee resistance, which you can use to make any set completely resistible against any melee attack. First head to the. Beach helps a little fighting off the Athenians. Then after that, you will be going to the cave and talk with Kira and tali ta about your next cleanse. You should select your favorite a little plan.

And you will go forward of the tali ta quests back on the beach. Selina's will request you to think three opinion ships that is done easily, of course. And after that, you are ordered to kill some attention commanders. And these Athenian commoners is what it is all about one of these will give you the Spartan. Javelins the ones that actually gives you the item is located on Demos Island on the farm of Olay there's, a small door with a loading screen. And you can only enter this room during the quest that command is desperately trying to persuade to not kill him.

But if you show no mercy to him, you will be awarded with the best melee weapon in the game after mikados, you can head to powers where you will meet your mother. And she will give you a long story. Quest line at the end of completing all the. Quests, you are forced to fight a fierce Navy battle against an Athenian fleet. Once you beat that fleet, and you're back on Pro's Marina will give you the Admirals helmet. The Admirals' helmet is the only headgear in the game with an armor engraving on it. So if you want to make a really AREA heavy set, then this helmet is what you should use after powers.

Your mother suggests you to visit your real father. Your real father is located on Terra. He will give you a long main story. Quest. You have to beat.

All the musical creatures, acquire Atlantis artifacts. And once you are done with it, he will give you the staff of Hermes Trismegistus. It is the only spare in the game that has 40% ignore half damage on it. So normally 40% ignore half damage can only be engraved on headgear and on belts. But this is a melee weapon that has also this engraving make sure you visit peak and do the fake Minotaur crest line where you have to buy all the three tokens, and then where you are sent to the cave where all.

These poor mercenaries are normally slaughtered and robbed for their money. But in fact, you can get the Minotaur mace from that crest line. And the Minotaur mace is the only melee weapon in the game that has 100% critical damage on full health. Sadly, there's only a blue item.

It would probably one of the best weapons in the game if it was a purple one, but that shouldn't prevent you from using it with this weapon, you can achieve more than eight hundred percent critical damage while on your way to. Laconia, you should make a stop at Kiera Island and there's, a quest called the idiot hunt, which will give you the death, Mark Goal. So that's, mark, though is only bow in the game that comes with elemental build-up. So if you want to make a build around elemental stuff that elemental build-up can be really useful.

And the bow itself comes with hunter and warrior damage together. So it's, a really fine bow, it's, no, big deal when you miss it. But it still is a unique weapon, which is just nice to have just in. Case if you are finished with your tasks in laconic, you can head to Elise and next to Elise's also Arcadia. And in Arcadia lies one of the best weapons in the game in the tomb of the daughters of Atlas, you can find the oaken bow of chambers only bow with CRT damage engraved on it.

In fact, it has almost perfect stats. It comes with hunter damage, headshot damage critical damage. You can even engrave a fire or poison damage or 10% critical chance. So that makes it one of the most powerful bows if not. The best bow of this game and it's the base game item, you don't have to purchase anything use it in your hunter build. And you will be beast from that point on there are no more unique weapons in the main storyline in the main family crest. But you can do the lost tales of Greece to find two really outstanding weapons.

The first weapon is the master of waters, the master of water suspended. Ten percent critical chance. So there's only two melee weapons, which have 10% critical chance.

One of them is the. Master of waters, the master of waters can be acquired by completing the test of judgement quest line, which is located in Carinthia during that quest line. You have to choose either Poseidon or Apollo to get a special weapon. When you decide Apollo, you only get a sword that has no special engravings.

So you have to decide Poseidon to get the master of waters. The sword can also be bought by blacksmith. Whereas the master of waters cannot be obtained anywhere else. So 10% CRT chance makes the master of. Waters together with the staff of a mystery, Smug stop, one of the best spares in the game, and you can actually complete some missing critical chances in your bills by using that special melee weapon.

The other weapon from the law states of Greece, you can get is a copycat sort, which also has 10 percent Christians engraved on it. This sword can be found in the awful day quest line in Loris, which is one of the best swords in the game. You can make up loss of critical chance with that sword. You.

Can engrave damaged resorts on it. Additionally, and that makes it a really amazingly. Powerful weapon. I also used it in my super sword tank. So that is really powerful.

You can make an absolutely hundred-percent critical chance. Sword tank with 95% on all resistances I, definitely recommend you check out that bill and get this weapon. Now we have completed all 12 weapons, which you can acquire from the base game. But there are three more which you can get from the LCS and from the helix store.

The first. Of them is the golden harbinger. The golden harbinger can be found at the end of the legacy of the first blade DLC. The golden harbinger is the only melee weapon with headshot damage. So by using the golden Harbor gun in the Haunted build, you can achieve three hundred and sixty-five percent headshot damage.

An absolutely amazing item awaits you in the last Atlantis episode in the fort of ministers, there's a sealed chamber where you have to fight a little boss at the end of the last episode, which. Drops the stolen eel, bracer, the stolen, eel. Braces are absolutely incredible. They have 30% critical chance on it. They have 110 percent returns and another 20% critical chance at full health, the only braces in the game with 20% critical chance at full health. And it is the only item in the game with 30 percent critical chance at all. So that is a really powerful I think it's the best braces in the game.

You absolutely have to get it. If you have to DLC the final weapon, which deserves to be mentioned. Here in the video is the four Taints bow. So if it happens that you dismantled the open bow of Gemma's, or that, you are not wanting to play the game again to get the open bow of chambers.

You can also buy the Forte nose bow from the helix store. The Fate nose bow is a legendary bow that also has 50% critical damage on it. But the engravings on that poor not really optimal. So I would really recommend getting the oaken boughs. The potatoes boo is just a small eternity, but it doesn't come with headshot.

Damage it doesn't come with all the good engravings from the oaken bow. So it is rather a bad replacement and I would recommend going for the oaken bow instead. So that have been all the 15 weapons, I know of if you know, another weapon, if you know more than I do here, if I missed something, please, let me know, write a comment. So I can pick it up in a later, video and maybe share with the community I.

Hope you enjoyed this guide I hope you learned about some weapons. You might miss. And if you start. A new game+, make sure you don't, miss any weapon again. Thanks for watching please subscribe activate your notifications and let's, keep this channel growing.

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