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I can't with information systems group l, we're going to be talking about ASOS in this presentation. The members of this group are upon o, Must afar, Rebecca and hola Kelly. This is an award-winning global online fashion and beauty retailer, derived from the acronym as seen on screen pieces was founded in 2000 by Nick Robertson and has since then been as published as in case, leading fashion store and author, a chance at Ibiza star ASUS offers over 50,000 per been own label products and ships to over.190 countries from the central distribution in the UK it's also tracking 18 for a million unique visitors a month being between the ages of sixteen to thirty-four ether saga, 31st march, two thousand and twelve hundred sixty-nine percent increase in revenue from 339 million 2011 to 494 million 2012, operating profit of the company also increase, but from 28 million in 2011 to 41 million in 2012 and inspire share Hydra forty-nine percent increase from fourteen point, six billion 2011 to 29.3 p in 2012, It says, net asset also had an increase from 72 million 2011, 295 million 2012.

He serves as a 2012. Hardy share price of 2,500 95.5 p, which is an increase from 2011, share price of 1600 and 7.5. P. ASOS business module is a communist plan to generate revenue and make profit.

It comprises a clear target. Audience, business partners, business activities, business values, social networks and customer services, a clear target audience, it's, just how the clear target audience of the ages between sixteen to.Thirty-four, and this is because, um customers in the age group are more fashion conscious and very keen on looking good. He says, business partners our different designers in order for them to show get PayPal for easy and secure payment and shipping services for fast and safe delivery. Social networks, such as Facebook on Twitter can be seen as channels to help ASUS advertisers products and interact with customers to know, the kind of things they would like to see on the SOS website, customer services are. Designed to help increase a so such a source customers satisfaction by offering them a wide range of products, student discounts, free delivery sales information throughout the year, it's just information system, comprises all network.

Comprises network of all communication channels used within an organization because, um thesis information system. Comprises decision support system transaction processing system management information system, supply chain, management customer relationship. Management knowledge management system in my resource management. Decision support system house managers inhales compared the sales revenue between two or more period is all. He also helps so the problems in the business and increase organization control transaction processing system, ensure that customers others are met once they have been paid for some partners and suppliers are paid immediately the transaction occurs. It was management.

Information system provides managers with information about. Sales of products and different trees in order to help managers make certain decisions will help move this as far as a company supply chain management is responsible for making sure the products get our customers locations or not before the day of state at delivery customers relationship management helps increases customer house includes these customers and encourages them to spend more on the ASUS website. Knowledge, knowledge management system provides strategies to help increase shoes on. Profiting from much ASOS burn through social media like Facebook, Google+ ensuite on human resource. Management I was treating the employees and managed workforce in order to maintain the company's brand name consistency on performance.

The asos.com website has been designed to be simple and clear in order to ensure that customers are satisfied with their online shopping experience. The website has many easy-to-use features that reflect on the data model used by ASOS showing the relationship between. Different entities within the business.

The air source com homepage has a clear layout that gives you linked. It links to a source online, a sauce marketplace, fashion news and different outfit, styles allowing customers to decide what they want to look at as well as where they want to shop. There are also separate home pages for both men and women that list of products for each gender. On the left-hand side in alphabetical order, the sauce on the assaults home page.

There is a search box that allows. Customers to search the whole of a sauce for any product, which saves time for those customers, that know exactly what they want to buy when searching through product categories, customers can also refine their search by type, brand color size and press. This allows customers to find exactly what they are looking for. If they have any preferences when a customer wants to make an order for a product on a sauce, they are required to create or login to a customer account. This allows the customer to store.

Information with a sauce. So the next time they shop with a sauce, they ought to know who they are and where they want their product to be delivered to it also allows the customer to log in and check their order from the air source warehouse to their doorstep once payment has been made and gives in to us the opportunity to send their customers emails of promotional offers based on what the customer tends to buy from them after the account has been created. The customer is required to put in their.

Payment details specifying what method of payment they will be using. And order summary is then shown to the customer showing them the product. They have ordered and its quantity. How much it costs, the billing and delivery address delivery speed.

And the payment type selected. Once the order has been made a confirmation email with details of to check the order. I sent to the customer. The data model behind the asos.com website is shown in the entity relationship diagram. It shows how information is.

Transferred from one entity to another once an order for a product has been made by a customer, each entity has attributes that belong to it and is related to another entity through a one-to-one relationship are many to our relationship or a one-to-many relationship. The diagram shows that customer makes an order which consists of a product. The order then creates a payment and is received by the warehouse.

The warehouse order stock from suppliers and sends this stock to the delivery service to. Be delivered to the customers. This information can also be stored in a database, allowing a sauce to look at tables and trace the order back to the warehouse. Should there be any queries about the delivery ASOS use its accounting and Finance edges on a daily weekly and monthly basis? However, during a transaction, the ledges are updated, meaning, they are most often on used on a life basis, ASUS uses soldiers to record how much sales are being made to customers like patch. Setters deeds are also recorded.

On a live basis, it is important for a source to keep sales edges, not just because they help to keep track of profit and losses. But also as they can help to identify trends in customer purchases, which can help with advertising and marketing ASUS uses purchaser to show how much stock goods and products. The company purchased from suppliers. These details are then recorded into ledges. As soon as transactions are made purchase edges are viewed and audited a monthly basis and also updated on a live.

Basis across accounts are used as part of a sauce final show and accounting Ledger's. These are used to show any amount of money cash or credit a sauce use a sauce or pay Oh into suppliers. The reason for KUL's are because sometimes ASOS used to pay for large purchases in installments meaning that an amount is owing every month.

This is shown in the Accords account, which is updated every month. The data in the database has been represented in a spreadsheet for management. The table shows management. Who their customers are what their customers are buying how much they are buying and how they are paying for what they are buying the data in the table, also our management, decide which products and brands that will increase in stock and which ones they would decrease. This will be done by matching the number of items sold on the top and the demand of each product and brand and by liaison with their supplies in this example, management are provided with weekly reports on sales and customer activity. The week in question is the 14th of December to the 20th of resemble in this week, the product types brought my customers wear jeans jackets t, shirts dresses and shoes. The brands of these items were G slaw, Fred Perry, Ralph Lauren, a sauce and Otto.

It appears at the total number of items, ordered was 14 and of this. Fourteen fifty percent of them were shoes. The highest proportion jackets and jeans were the least ordered with seven percent. Each the most popular payment method was by a visa which forty.

Percent of the customers used management will then use the data in the table and the chart to alter their stock levels of each product at an agreement would be made at Aldo to supplier more of the issues. And the agreement with Fred Perry's are reduced air supply of jackets. These changes will be done to match the demand for each product as you can see there's a high demand for shoes. And a lower demand for jackets management may also agree deals with other brands to supply more shoes, because it. May not just be Aldo choose an item and in the future, but also other shoes from other brands,

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