96 F150 4.9L Cylinder Head Removal And Findings

Alright, guys, so we're back at the shop and the guy wants us to fix his f-150. If you're not familiar with it, go back. A couple videos, you'll see I'll, try to link into the end of this video as well. Actually, this will probably a couple part.

Video, there's, a fairly big job, it's, an inline, 6, 96, f150, 4.9 liter. And there are something going on with the head we're, not exactly sure what. But it doesn't hold compression. We did a compression test Elite down test it's leaking out of the exhaust valves. So we. Talked to our local machine shop, and he said, he's seen a lot of these where they leak out the exhaust valve is the main problem on them.

So we're going to get this bad. Boy out of here we just started right now. All we did was drain the coolant and drain the engine oil, and we're going to start this assembly we're going to take off, you know, the air cleaner and all that kind of stuff, so we'll get ripping into this, and we'll. Keep you guys updated.

Alright, guys. So you can see since we've last updated you that me. Have the upper intake plenum off. We have all the hoses and everything disconnected working on the intake bolts to the lower intake bolts. Now so that's where we're at you can see the can see where the upper plenum bolts on. Yeah. So that's where we're at.

And of course, at the Ford. So everything takes twice as long because they have all the emissions crap. The small crap, all that's got to come off. So you can kind of see where we're at there, the alternators out the smog pumps off. So we're, just.

Making a stockpile it's, actually a lot harder job than we were figuring, because of all the smog stuff just getting in the way and getting all that out. So hopefully we'll have that head off today yet, so we're. Finally, at the point where the exhaust manifolds off the rest of the intake manifold is off, and we're, getting ready to take the head bolts out, and I think she'll be ready to come out then boys. You can see everything on this side of the motors off as well all right guys. So as you saw, we. Had to use the breaker bar to get them off the impact didn't want to break them loose, which happens, sometimes I mean, there are torqued and a stretched bolt. So if you're going to reuse the head you want to make sure you undo them in the same way that they're torqued I, just helps you along a little, oh you're, just jealous.

You's raining you're, not going to tell anything in the rain that's, funny, no look good now. Wow. It looks good I've washed off by now. Look at that thing shine at yeah, it looks like. It was never even in an accident. Yeah, no way. Ha, that supposed to dry for like couple days for you inside outside now Are that we can't get it?

Alright, guys. So we have the head off pin is that head I'll, tell you what that's frigging heavy about filing, 75 pounds, I know, the jeeps are like fifty pounds. And this is way more than that.

So as you can see, there is white powder all over that's from a lean condition. I don't, remember, I mean, cylinder, four and cylinder. Five were the two worst I. Don't.

Remember. Which is which at this point, but this one had cooling it as you can see it's cleaner than the rest of them that intake port is white that should not be like that guys. So cylinder 5 you looked at the record. So this one was 16. And this one was low at a hundred like 80 or 100 all right. So all the bolts in the intake manifold on the bottom we're loose. Can you guys see how this one it's crushed right here, it's not crushed up and around like the rest of them are seen how its marked there wasn't, even a. Bolt in that hole to hold that.

And then this piece right here, this was like this. So this thing had massive intake leaks, you can kind of see where it was broken right there. So this thing at massive intake leaks, whoever touched this thing did more damage than good. So we're going to have the head redone we're going to have our guy. Look at that have them redo. Everything I can kind of show you guys the motor.

You know, they all look they'll. Look, okay, except, you know whose goes back to right there. They got some issues going on, but that was all due to the head. So the intake manifold is broken.

This one would have gone something like this, which is that piece, right there that I showed you guys we found this laying under the truck. We didn't break it. You can see it's been there, and you can kind of see like the mark on the gasket of they broke it. Installing it basically is what happened there.

This one wasn't, even under the truck anywhere, that's, just me a. So not only were all the bottoms loose. There's, nothing holding 5 &, 6 on to the motor at all here, the here's the top of the cylinder head as you can tell I mean, it has what two hundred and some thousand miles on it. So the head is actually in oiling lies in great condition, not a lot of sludge or anything in there.

Someone kept dumping oil changes and stuff. But whoever put that intake manifold on definitely didn't, help matters out and that's where that's where all this is from it actually burned, which is why we have why we have the. Issue with the leak down test is it actually burned a valve if you guys have ever heard anyone say that that's, what happened here? So the whole problem was the intake wasn't installed correctly and over time, it ended up burning the valve and causing a huge issue. So just for fun, we put soapy water in the top circle. Yeah, you should use care or something, but this is just cheap and what we had lying around, and you can see it just pouring out, especially this one right here, you know, these were.

Clean as you can see in the video of a fool, you know, the clip the Florida, well, look at them, they're all do this we're doing is actually a fasting right now like look nothing leaked out that summer yet, this one here's. So his motor was definitely not healthy right there that guy was a big one. So the problem we had so under 4 & 5, right here, guys or worse, this one not too bad. It was leaking on the exhaust, but the intake didn't leak out. So I mean, not even too bad this one right here stayed that. Stayed pretty dry as well. Yeah, there's always going to be something leaking out this isn't really telling you too much, except here your vows aren't sealed, just telling you that you got a issue sealing on Valve's.

What you want if you want them to all be the same they're, not going to seal totally solid if I drop everything, you know, it's, just how fast doesn't leak out of each one it's, the same thing as leak down past I. Think one leak down past. This is the percentage you remember back in the day, when.

We did this to my neon over on the old side, remember I had that neon. And we put the head on at a junkyard head. Well, the first one we took off when it sat behind the garage, I, put Carolyn and a leak through like the coolant passages and everything it was leaking at it. It was leaking out everywhere, but I killed that head of that 200 K on it and I had a Molar computer on it. So I spun it at almost 8,000 rpm, which isn't recommended because I had too big can there's, 95 I don't know, have you guys follow. Me on, but there you go guys found the problem.

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