4 Tire Inflation System – Diy

Hey, what's going on everyone today on this episode of trail, recon I'm with my buddy Jason. And we weren't even in his garage, and we are going to build a Do-It-Yourself for tire inflation system, which is really cool. He built this and has been using it, and I'm all about doing anything that makes life convenient for inflating and deflating, tires and Jason.

When I saw you built using this man I was like, dude, I got to have one of those. And you did this yourself, which is totally cool. Why did you want to? Build this well, I have back problems. So bending over all the time. You know, it comes with pain though just bend over, so I needed something to, you know, make it easier on myself, yeah.

And then I can plug all four of these tires up deflate them and then inflate them in a matter of minutes. Right? Yeah, you know it takes me to, but I got to time it before two minutes and eight seconds per tire that's, two minutes and eight seconds I'm bending over leaning I'm, not interested doing that one.

And this. System allows you to hook it up turn the valve, and you're set right? Right? Cool? Well, let's let's go show everybody how this works.

And then guys we're going to build it here and show you how to build it, and we'll leave in the description. All the components let's, get started to go check this thing out all right guys. The first thing we're going to do is use this four tire system to deflate all four tires, and I'm actually going to set the timer and see how long it takes us. But you got to stick around to. The end of the video to see how long it took, and then we'll inflate them using this system, and I'll time that again. And then once we go build, if I'll, come back, and I'll let, you know how long it all took and how much time saving.

You really get with the system. You're going to be really impressed with you guys, it's, just a quick connection. Here we slide it on your valve I, put it forward. Okay, we're going to deflate it up to 15 psi, go.

And now we're going to hook it up to the compressor and inflate all four. Tires all at once so man, I love, how convenient that is no bending over breaking your back and Amanda to deflate the tires was really fast, but saves some time inflating the tires I, really like that you guys you have to stick around to the end wheezy, the exact times it took, but who cares about how long it took really just so convenient right now there's tell us what we need here to build this system, we're going to need 50 foot of hose. Okay, some clamps some arms and analog gauge or digital, gauges it's. Your preference, yeah, some three T's female, t, the boughs and your stamp on that M connectors. Okay. So the tools you're going to need an at least a 12-foot measure.

Some cutters 9/16 wrench and a 5/8 wrench, a quarter-inch not driver, some Teflon tape and some water what's, the soapy water for absolutely everything goes on a little easier I like easy. And now we're using three-eighths versus a quarter-inch tell we were talking a little about this, but tell everybody why were using three since no. So when you're inflating a floor tires, you want to get as much volume as you can or as much long as your competitors, going to put out so go into the bigger hose three toes is not that much more. So we just dip it up to the 3-inch hose. Okay. And now these wheel, Chuck's and I like how these are, but I noticed when I was searching online when we were sourcing out parts.

There are some cheaper ones out there, but they're, not as nicely built. Why did you choose these right? So, if you look at the inside of. These ditch clamp on in two places, instead of a single one like most of the cheaper ones do. And this is also a closed system. Yeah. So when you connect it to your tire, it won't leak air out right away.

Yeah, definitely heavy-duty worth spending a little extra on these versus getting the cheaper ones, and then we're using all brass versus the plastic stuff. Right? Right? So now you can save some money, but using the plastic stuff, which is going to be careful when you're out on the trail have to step.

On these connections good, they will break. Okay. So if folks want to build this as we're building it today, what's the price for the whole thing now, you're looking about 100 110 if it gets Google in my earthing down at your hardware store. But a lot of people have this stuff right in their garage already. So you can buy pieces together fairly cheap. Yeah, if you got an air compressor, you probably already have several of these things. Now I do know they do sell this system as a entire it's, actually, a little.

More expensive that but I'd, rather just build it myself man, there's, just some satisfaction in doing that right? Right? Those prices range from maybe 120 dollars for one that's inbuilt.

If you can get it on sale, if you can't get it on sale, you're, looking at one hundred, seventy-two hundred dollars, and then they have some that go with two three four hundred dollars, yeah, don't even spend all that. So all right? Well, we got everything here let's cut up the hose and get started let's. Do it that's? A nice. Bangs on the table, so we're going to lay this out we're going to fold it in half and measure our first length, which is going to be 12 feet.

Now, this is measured we're using the whole thing. But if you've got a two-door or a different type of vehicle, then you could have different measurements. Right? Right? You can go a little shorter if you need to depend on your vehicle. Okay.

So this affords or okay. So what are we using these twelve foot sections for these are the twelve extensions between a front tire and. Rear tire, and then we're going to cut a three-foot section that I go from that t-t to this to the second tire. Okay, okay. And now we're going seven, total links what's the next section. So this is the 8-foot section that'll go from the tire team to the compressor cube and what's left is going to go from the t4 your valve and to the compressor.

Alright, Jason. Now we got everything to cut up. What section do you want to start with this is the long sessions will 12th.

This session we're going to put some. Teflon tape down here. So it helps with air, not leaking we're going to put our nation on here. Twist it up. You need a 9/16 wrench, there's, a 3/4 inch wrench for this connector right and next we're, connecting all three of these together right?

All three is using an HT. Okay. So good idea to slide your foot clamps off first right, right? And then your soapy water, that's, roughly waters, some patties, and it's just right now, releasing okay. And then our long one, we want to come off the straight end. And then this.

Is the short one that's going to go to entire right we're, looking just like that, that's, right? Right? That's, great all right?

So we got our team. We got these two other connections here that we put something on here. Well, we got rented you to put a 3 bar by this Idol with your quick connect to the hose and our wheel check goes here. Right?

Okay. So we got our other wheel. Chuck on. Now we got to put what's on this.

And now we can build the other end and hook and woke the other with the tee too easy, too. Easy, okay, so we got our two big sections completed right? Right? So now we're going to join these two together with the vast. Okay.

So now we got our octopus all connected up to that one section what comes off of that scene, right there. So this is where the start section comes in handy. We need to cut it at some point in here to attach our bow body. If you're going to use co2, you want to have the gage that's further away as possible from the co2.

So as a frees up, okay, so if you're going to use a. Compressor, you can pretty much put it anywhere. Okay, it makes me want to do is build our battle body.

So we got your ball valve your female tee and two bars. Those can come together just like this. So now we got tightened up. We want to make sure that this is in line with the gauge or the top part of this T. So we put the gauge on everything's, nice and level. So since our t is quarter inch pipe thread. We have a quarter inch pipe thread, two eighth inch pipe, thread reducer, because our gauge is eighth inch. Pipe thread, and you want to check the orientation of your gauge make sure the bottom of the gauge is facing your valve with any twist of Allah that's it, our last section of hose right our last section will be done here in a minute, get your bass barb here, we're going to put on the air connection.

So we put on our last Barb gotta go to our Quick Connect for our hose connection. And that just goes straight to the compressor, and then we're done right, and then we're done Jason. Thank you very much for. Helping them you put this together.

And this is a great system. I love it and I, like the fact that it's two systems right there's where they inflate and deflate your tires right? And we did it quickly right little over two minutes to deflate all four tires, there's, 50 psi. And to inflate all of them was six and a half minutes. And that was with a single compressor. So yeah, my single ARB compressor. If you have a bigger compressor, you do a lot faster, but we were standing up having a conversation.

Just wait for it to do, we didn't work bending over, you know all that. So you know, this looks like a whole big octopus here. But really it bundles up quite nicely. You know, I'm already carrying a lot of hose and stuff in the Jeep already. So this isn't that bad it's a nice little system. So guys I'd like to hear from you if you're thinking about building this system, let us know if you've got some suggestions for maybe tweaking it absolutely put those in the comments. And if you're visiting the channel.

For the first time hit that subscribe button. We'd love to have you as a member of the trail. Recon team Jason. Thanks again, buddy, I, really appreciate it for something buddy. Thanks for watching guys.

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