2020 Canam Outlander 850 Gearbox Oil Change - How To

What's up guys and welcome back to the channel today is a maintenance day for the outlander we're going to be changing the gearbox oil let's, go all right, guys a little advice here. I used a 15 millimeter socket to get off the plastic refill valve. And then I used a half inch wrench, drain, gearbox, fluid, all right guys going by the manual here, gearbox oil, 75 140, 450 milliliters for 650, 850s and 1000s.

So if you guys need to know that here, it is right here. I'll give you guys a whole shot, all right? Guys.

Now that we got the cover off the second thing you want to do is you want to pull off pull out your fill valve, which should be right there. If the camera wants to focus right, there, go ahead and pull that baby out let's get that out and then get it drained and let's get this wrapped up. Your drain valve come down here with me, boys brother tank, let's say, come down here. Let me learn you something there's. Your drain, right?

There? See this right here, that's your drain. So this is your drain right there. Should have like a little blue mark or a pink, you know, some sort of marking for uh to show you that, you know, they tightened it, but that should be your drain. Your transmission, drain, right there.

And that plastic is your fill so let's. Go ahead and get this baby drained and start this process. Let's go all right guys now that we got the fill valve taken out, go ahead and put that somewhere safe.

You want to if you have a rubber gasket, go ahead and replace that now and let's go ahead and get rain plug. Out let's go all right, guys, now's a good time to go ahead and clean up your drain, plug also, FYI, guys, there's a washer on here. Yeah, you don't.

You don't want to lose that. So make sure you keep track of the washer? Go ahead and clean this up and let's, put it back on we're going to go with the Valvoline actually been using Valvoline in the outlander, rear diff. And the renegade rear diff. I switched from royal purple to Valvoline. You know, since I'm, changing it. So often this meets all the requirements it's.

A full synthetic, I mean, I'm sure some guru out there will tell you different. They might not, but to be honest, it's full synthetic, 75 140. This should do the trick so 450 milliliters of that we're going to let that drain for a little longer. I purchased an oil filter pump to make a little easier on yourself the Walmart. Now by me sells the Valvoline bags of this stuff, so for like, definitely for the rear diff. And for other things, those bags will certainly come in handy because you can. Actually squeeze the bag in there, but uh, I know with the gearbox, it says, do not overfill, and I'd rather just be rather be safe than sorry.

So let's just get right into it. All right? Boys went ahead and got the pump hooked up. And through the hose actually was broken. So I threw some big hoes on here and man.

This thing is just like it's, pumping in their like no tomorrow. Finally, I don't know what I did. I guess the other hose was just too restrictive, but we got hooked up to an old battery or generator. Battery, essentially and we're going to go ahead and pump this in there, real quick and button. This thing up and call today all right guys, of course, after I get done doing all my maintenance home, oil changes all that kind of stuff my go-to degreased, you already know what it is. It's, spotless, let's, go all right. Guys, that's just another day hanging out with your boy p.a'm, going to catch you on the next one peace.

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